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Re: Stop SOPA From Becoming Law

Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
That said, the entire act is just a gateway in my eyes for more govermental control to eventually lead the country more toward a socialist nation.
Hey whoa there buddy. Don't fall into the Gingrich-style mentality of using "Socialism" as a code word for a fascist dictatorship or right-wing nationalist worker party. He doesn't even know what Socialism is, especially because there are many different forms and versions of it. There is no excuse for that kind of ignorance, though I can say that the Smith Act and McCarthyism scared Socialism/Communism out of the US public and made them seem like dangerous dirty words that will summon the Political Boogeyman, and so thinking that "Socialism" is the enemy of "Democracy" has been part of US culture for a couple generations.

When I think "Socialism" I think of a properly direct democracy where everyone has a say in the political system, where everyone in the nation participates. Believe it or not, little old Cuba actually had 9 million of its 11 million population participated in a long (months to years long) national debate and decision to determine how private capitalism can be expanded in the country. If we had THAT kind of Socialism, the debate about what to do about online piracy would be open to full national participation, not left to be decided and forced upon us by a few key industries and the corporate-sponsored government.

I'm not gonna say more on the subject, other than that you may want to check out Marxian economist Richard D Wolff to get a better understanding of the difference between Capitalist systems and Socialist/Communist systems.

Back on topic:

Down with SOPA, down with PIPA, down with malicious short-sighted legislation. If this happened in any other country, the US media would call out the government setting up these laws as a fascist dictatorship that doesn't consider it's people and their rights. And yet here we are, staring down the barrel of a bill that is going to ruin the internet for everyone but corporate attack-dog lawyers.
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