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Old 2012-07-15, 02:52 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Bases and outfit outposts

Here are a few suggestions on bases and outfit warfare.

Upgrading the bases to have better Com frequency against hackers who can listen to your convo, and to be able to channel across to a different continent. There should be communication jammers for certain vehicles for text and in game communication. I hope we all don't talk on one global chat for the whole world. Perhaps when running the game 3rd party voice communication cannot be used.

Also upgrading bases adds better benefits, better turret guns, maybe war game rooms for elected generals to discuss matters. I think the resources on a larger scale should be up to the players/faction leaders(To upgrade key bases or vehicle/weapon), but everyone still gets their own share of resources which they can pool together if need be to upgrade faction equipment/bases or use for their own purposes.

What do you guys think?
Make the game interact-able, just gaining resources from capping a base is a bit stale. Make it so we need to go for common goals.

Such as being able to add outfit outposts would be great. If the base is taken the outpost gets destroyed. It could be used for strategic reasons and for outfits to have a base of operations(Make the outfit outpost upgradable, so they have a goal to work for).

Most people might have their outposts in the main quadrants, but the brave few will be on the frontier with each new hex they capture. This will promote outfits protecting an area. I think this would add a new element to the game in terms of sandbox, guild/clan/outfit unity and promote people actually sticking to an area and defending instead of zerging it up.

There should be upgrade ranks that require resources, and the top teir requiring heavy resources, maybe outfit "valor" and generals of the faction's approval.
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Re: Bases and outfit outposts

All meritorious ideas, or at least merit discussion, however most of this has been discussed in many other threads.
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