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Old 2015-10-27, 08:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
[46th]Clan - Recruitment - Vanu

Hello there!
Welcome to my post, here I ask you fellow soldiers to come fight by my side in a Group I have a lot of experience commanding and giving orders I will be needing some specialists to host smaller groups so please leave a comment below if you believe this could be you.

What we expect as a faction built on ranking we expect everyone to respect anyone with a higher rank then yourself but always have fun! we do have nights were we will be taking it seriously but we also have a laugh and enjoy playing planetside 2 for the fun of it! I currently rank at 13 due to making a new account, so don't be shocked by me having a low rank and asking you to join my faction at such a low level,

The outfit will be based on vanu sovereignty and we will probably be staying there.

once you join the faction you will be placed in to your Private rank and work your way up due to your skill and team building, you can recruit your friends to join from day 1! and that will be respected alot towards me and other specialist or higher rank.

Ranks -
Private - PVT
Private 2 - PV2
Specialist - SPC
Corporal - CPL
Sergeant - SGT
Master Sergeant -MSG
Captain - CPT
Major - MAJ
General - GEN
General of the Army - GA - Me

I will be wanting people to recruit using these terms

Name -
Age -
do you own TS3 -
How long have you played? -
what nights best for you? -
what times best for you? -
what rank you would desire -
why you would deserve this rank -

the second last question will not give you the rank you desire instantly it will have to be checked and you will be assessed on skill and respectfulness.

if you have any more questions about the faction please ask below and even tho it does sound very serious I do believe you will have fun and will be able to enjoy your time staying with us give it a go!

Hope to see you on the battlefeild friends

any questions add me on steam
or reply to thread

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Old 2016-05-17, 07:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
Cool Re: [46th]Clan - Recruitment - Vanu

Name: Truestm
Age: 14
Teamspeak 3: yes.
played for: about a month and around 50 hours i think.
Day: any.
Time: noon to midnight EST
rank: grunt (private) tho mayby someday a captain or general or something.
why: because i suck at fps, but im a decent strategist.

I can be a front-line engineer as i main as engineer and am strangely lucky with accidental dodges. I can also do any of the tedious tasks like keeping turrets healed and ant driving and stuff. im not a good player, but im a useful one.
May vanu smile upon you.

PS. contact me via steam, it'll be easier for both us us.

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  PlanetSide Universe > Community > Outfit Recruitment > Vanu Sovereignty


recruit, recruitment


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