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Legio Tredecim (Legion Thirteen LG13 Waterson)

Legio Tredecim "Gemina"
Legion Thirteen, Waterson US East

Ave! I am Senator Ironoak, one of the two Senators heading the Thirteenth Legion on Waterson server. This missive is placed here to guide worthy Terran souls to the proper outlet for their skills.

First, what is Legion Thirteen? Those loyal soldiers from Jaeger server may remember both TT6 and the Bearsnakes (rawrhiss). Once transplanted to Waterson, both outfits realized the need for more numbers, and conspired to create a new outfit to solve this problem. Fashioning themselves after Caesar's Gemina 13th legion, which had also been formed from two elite legions, seemed the natural choice. That's the history. Now for the real meat.

What do we do? The Bearsnakes and TT6 were originally dedicated to being tactical groups. With more strength of numbers, this focus has increased. We room clear, precision drop from Galaxies, form armour convoys, use scouts to support the main infantry push, use fallback points, and have an organised command structure. We constantly test new ideas and theory craft our way towards more successful techniques and strategies.

That's what we do. But what do we want? We want to prove that this game can be played effectively in a tactical setting. We want to prove that with a little practice and communal training, every player's gaming experience will improve. And we're succeeding. The resumes of both outfits before the merge was impressive, with a handful of our players routinely turning away zergs of over four platoons worth of enemies. Now, we have anywhere from one to one-and-a-half platoons on an operation, and we can annihilate anything but the most organised enemies.

Finally, what do we need? You. Simply put we need more numbers to be truly successful. We're finalizing our air corps, but need more pilots. We're fleshing out our scout company, but could use more communicative snipers. We are a hairs' breadth away from completing the organization of our mobile infantry, but we simply lack the numbers to do so. So, to grow we need you; and for you to grow, you need us. I encourage any reader to go to the Legion's website (listed below) and sign up. The sooner you do, the sooner you can find yourself leaping from a bullet-riddled sundie, surrounded by your teammates whilst your squad leader screams "LEGIO!" into the chat.

Answer the call. Scream "THIRTEEN!" back.

Thank you for your time.

Senator Ironoak


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