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Old 2003-02-18, 03:18 PM   [Ignore Me] #16

I sure do...that question has been killin me. It has me leaning toward the Vanu now...
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Old 2003-02-18, 04:58 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
Re: Two man tanks

Originally posted by Arshune
I've heard people going back and forth on this for a while, and then I came upon something interesting that was said in the shoutcast a while ago.

"For instance the Vanguard and the Lightning. In both of them the driver can use weapons"

So apparently, the driver of a Vanguard (and presumably any other empire specific tank) CAN use weapons...we just don't know which ones.

All I can say to that is this: Yay!
I think I know the part you are thinking about.

Marsman: Ok, thats nice and straight forward. How effective will heavy tanks main guns be against infantry in terms of splash damage?

SJ: Well i suppose that depends upon the gun. A lot of times vehicles, especially tank, will have more then one weapon on them. They'll have a main tank cannon, which is most useful against other vehciles, and alot of time they'll have an anti-personnel machine gun or some other type of weapon. For instance the Vanguard, and the Lightning and the Prowler and a number of these other vehicles all have multiple weapons on them. So you can switch between the weapons, or gunners can just target the appropriate targets to be able to get the best effect out of what you're doing. As far as the splash damage goes, well those are big guns and they are gonna have some splash damage, but like I said they are balanced so that they work best against other vehicles.
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