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Old 2003-06-19, 08:09 PM   [Ignore Me] #226

You know, Ralphie, they told you to can it yesterday and you evidently didnt heed their warning. Really, you did this to yourself. Lets be serious, you were also acting like an ass. the first couple of days was fine, but it carried over from last week Ralph. You're on your own with sony at this point. I would recomend that you all not post on this subject on the SOE boards as you may agitate the Mods even more.

The bottom line is this. When the mods told ralph and serp to stop, one party did and the other couldnt let it go and now ralph is in this situation. Happy hunting.
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:10 PM   [Ignore Me] #227

Good god. Im sorry I made a post to defend this punk. Wow, I'm quite done.
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #228

I would like to thank duke for bringing up what should be mentioned

I have seen plenty of people get fairer treatments for murdering thier pregnant girlfriend and stashing the bodies in the bay.

The point is, I reposted an issue that NEEDED to be addressed,
Not whether or not im orator of the year,
Im an ass, I admit that much
i can be rude, mean, and whatever else

but what I wasnt, was a bad player.
I played the game, and had fun doing so,
never once did I commit any kind of questionable gameplay actions
I was a good player.

now I cant PLAY, because a developer didnt agree with something I brought up about someone who certaintly was deserving of having the issue brought fourth
when told to stop, I didnt at first.
I was banned shortly there after,

not from posting, FROM PLAYING.

what my having an issue with a member of the community and bringing it up in an off topic forum a few times, HAS TO DO WITH MY ABILITY to play a game I PAID beyond me....

and as for the credit card issue
thats my main gripe now,
I can tell the nazis at sony are sweepin this one under the carpet,
thats fine
its kinda hard to contact the BBB and say "waah, they wouldnt let me play and I paid"
though, its still a legitimate issue, and could be addressed,

the more serious issue at hand, is that I dont have access to my billing account,
this would be like I was subscribed to sears catalog or something,
and sears told me that they were no longer going to send me the products for a little while...(Which I could only say "umm, ok" to)
but then, a day or so after telling me they arent going to send me the products, they BILL me for them....
but wait...maybe I could prevent this, by accessing billing
so, you call to access your billing and they say, we're sorry, wait until we start sending you the products again before you call,
and I say "But how can I have the choice to not have those products sent before hand and billed for them if you wont let me access my account?"
"we're sorry, please contact your credit card company"

This is wrong,
and I could compare it across the board to any company.
theres a product,
tommorow, i'll be charged for it,
if nt tommorow, then CERTAINTLY the MOMENT the ban is lifted, I will be charged,

but, what if I didnt want to be charged?
I cant access the I cant cancel the account
at this moment, they are now FORCING me to get charged for another month...
the month may not start tommorow, but the day they unban me, it will automatically charge me unless I can find a way to make it do otherwise,

im trying now,
all I keep hearing is, "dont worry, banned accounts dont get charged"
and I say "Ok, what about when they;'re unbanned? how can I prevent them from chargin my credit card if I cant get to the information?"
"contact us when your account is no longer suspended for further service, sir"
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #229
Staff Sergeant

lol, its not that he's a bad person, he just doesn't know any better... Its like playing with a baby and once he throws up on you, punching him in the face. If dipietro was ever really out of line here i'm sure Hamma would have done something, but instead, we got this long ass thread and nothing has been resolved... but it sure as fuck was funny
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:29 PM   [Ignore Me] #230

Originally posted by dipietro
and I say "Ok, what about when they;'re unbanned? how can I prevent them from chargin my credit card if I cant get to the information?"
i assume you've not actually read the thread and seen the 76 million posts saying, "call your credit card company and tell them to refute the payment you made to soe"
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #231

funny, insulting, harrassing, inviting, threatening, assulting,
its all in a days work I guess
according to you guys, its all of the above, plus some.

sorry it turned into this,
I would have been satisfied had it dropped to the bottom right away..and someone just posted what I was trying to say over there for me,
well, thats what they did..
I thanked that person for doing so long ago

I hope you guys can let this go now,
I hate sony,
Sorry if it looked like I was trying to cause trouble
this is/was truly not my intention at all.

i just wanted to play.
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:45 PM   [Ignore Me] #232

Poor ralphie......

....BTW, when you coming back serp, we miss you on the boards. Someone started a "Post your lunch" thread and it wasnt you. Its just not the same.
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Old 2003-06-19, 08:54 PM   [Ignore Me] #233

Gimme a couple days. I'm actually really busy at work right now and not in my office that much.

I'm also working up a grand scheme to get Grizaje into the sack for a noontime threesome.

Keep up the good posts though, who knows, I might just stop in tomorrow and leave a stinky little turd for everyone.
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Old 2003-06-19, 09:13 PM   [Ignore Me] #234
Brigadier General
ObnoxiousFrog's Avatar

SERPUS seems to be going the way of side salad...
otherwise known as:

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Old 2003-06-20, 12:51 AM   [Ignore Me] #235
The really funny thing...

Is that diepetutrid said we was out of here like 3 posts ago...






Seriously, ralph, if that is your real name, what is your deal? I'm sorry, I misdiagnosed you initially. You aren't psychotic, you probably have some form of obessive/compulsive disorder, coupled with a great deal of repressed anger and rage. Have you ever considered therapy? Or medication? Lots and lots of medication? But in all seriousness, one last thing, in the event that you somehow managed to meet SERPUS and a physical confrontation resulted, the evidence of a desire and intention to do him harm is all over this thread. Really, no jury in the world would have trouble concluding that you were the instigator.

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Old 2003-06-20, 01:38 AM   [Ignore Me] #236

so there.
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Old 2003-06-20, 10:45 AM   [Ignore Me] #237

ralph was totally bullshitted, i know, i was there. everybody that doesn't know what actually happened should shut their mouths.
i actually registered for this board just so i could post this. i've never even played planetside, and after this Sony Online Entertainment entrapment horseshit, i never will.
the whole problem here is the restriction of access to account information... i'd like one of you to find where that's legal in the terms of service...
the banning from the forums, even from the game, i guess that's their legal right through the terms of service (even though the whole situation is ridiculous). but to ban you and not still give you the right to cancel? bullshit.
if they want to include in the TOS a line that says "we reserve the right to FINE YOU FOR YOUR ACTIONS" then fine, since that's essentially what they're doing.

you guys have fun paying through the nose for sony's roundabout, problem-avoiding phone support.

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Old 2003-06-20, 12:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #238
SOE billing issues.

ralphie will not be billed, because they have banned his account, in effect cancelling it. So all the "tomorrow I will be billed even though I cannot play and I'm helpless to prevent it" is crap.

I repeat, ralphie does not have access to his account information because they have removed/banned his account and he will not be charged. His protestations about his credit card being charged are simply speculation on his part. He does not know this to be true, he is simply stating it over and over again because he is very capable of self-delusion and believes that the more he says something, the more correct and right he becomes.

ralphie is utterly clueless; they cannot legally charge you for a service that they refuse to provide. Therefore, they will not charge him. Furthermore, they will not remove his ban, because they do not want to do business with him, and I can personally see why. So since the "they will charge me as soon as they unban my account" scenario will never occur, all his whining about that is pointless.

I agree with other sentiments expressed in this thread that ralphie brought this all upon himself. If he had just let the issue drop and didn't pretend that he was "speaking for the forum community" and if he had stopped trying to point out "legitimate" (in his mind) violations of the terms of service by another forum poster, which isn't his job or responsibility, in addition to insulting and demeaning everyone who disagrees with him (which he has done repeatedly in this thread and did on the planetside forums), he wouldn't have gotten into trouble. The truth is that he caused a lot more trouble than SERPUS ever did, and threatened, blustered and "I have rights as a consumer'd" himself into this mess.

No Sympathy 1
ralphie 0

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Old 2003-06-20, 02:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #239

I am only replying to YOUR IGNORANT post because I feel the public has the right to know how shady all of this was.

listen kid,
I was banned, but not for good,
it was a temporary suspension from the game, forums, and even my credit card billing information.

Now heres the kicker, AND YES, this is true
I had to sit on the phone long distance for like an hour with 3 different people to get this done,

the problem is, is that even if they tag my account as cancelled while its suspended...when its unsuspended and supposedly was going to AUTOMATICALLY bill me...
since this was the case....
it was set to automatically bill me for next month, upon immediate re activation of my account.

This was not good, as it was FORCING ME TO pay for another month, just because I couldnt access it,

basically, I think what they had to do was open the account back up while I was on the phone with them...and then cancel it....basically unsuspending me for a moment before they cancelled it for me

sorry you cant accept this shadiness of thier business,
it was exactly that.
its taken care of now,

so no worries
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Old 2003-06-20, 04:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #240
Yeah but I was right...

They didn't bill you today and wouldn't have because you were not able to access your account, like I said. Even if you hadn't called, you wouldn't have been billed today because your account was locked. Reading through your numerous posts, you (ralphie)claimed that you would be billed today even though your account was not accessible, which wasn't true, and in fact, is still not true. You repeated this claim over and over again, oftimes in caps, and it wasn't true. You stated that SOE would charge your credit card without unlocking your account, which was not true. In other words, you are a liar.

The term ban, according to the dictionary, means to "prohibit the use of". There is no connotation in the word to indicate a time limit or point at which a ban expires or even that it will expire. Whereas the term suspend means "to debar temporarily". You repeatedly used the terms 'BANNED,' 'KICKED FROM THE GAME' and 'BANNED FROM THE GAME' to describe the condition of your account. You did not definatively indicate that there was a set time limit on this suspension, nor did you state that you had been 'TEMPORARILY BANNED.' The vast majority of your posts give no indication that you were suspended not banned. I was incorrect in stating that your account would be cancelled, but the only information that I had to go on was the data in your voluminous postings. I made the assumption that if SOE was going to ban you, they would cancel your account, because a ban implies a permanent prohibition, and that assumption was incorrect. But don't call me 'IGNORANT.' If I was misinformed it was either because you delibrately misled everyone on this board with your cries for sympathy or because you posssess poor commmunications skills and do not know the meaning of the terms you are using.

You also haven't offered any evidence that your statements about how "the moment the ban was lifted, you would be charged" was a true or valid statement.

Additionally, if you somehow think that by referring to people who dispute your version of events as "IGNORANT" or "kid" you are winning any points, you are mistaken. You have no means of guessing at the ages of any of the people who reply to your posts. You seem to think that by calling someone a child you are placing yourself in a superior position and thus "winning" the argument. Being older is not any indication of being wiser or more mature and in no way adds any validity to your arguments. Calling someone a child seems to be a means you have of insulting people while claiming that you are being mature and rational. Last I checked, most mature individuals don't stay up until 5:30am obsessively checking a chat message board, repeatedly replying to their own posts (in order to bump them), belittling those who disagree with them, whining about how unfair it is that they are not allowed to play a game and 'calling' people out (which you did and then denied that you did. And just to clarify for you, since you obviously don't know the definition of the term, to 'call someone out' means to challenge them to a fight).

So, check your head (and the rest of yourself) into a psychotherapist and get some professional help before some little disagreement at work escalates into a tri-state killing spree.

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