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View Poll Results: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle/sound?
Yes 58 81.69%
No 13 18.31%
Voters: 71. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2011-07-26, 04:24 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
JanitOr KanOs
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
Still, isn't that what the the gunner cam is for? So you can see what your bomber's hitting?
Generally speaking it's a bad idea to stop and look down when enemy AA is most likely about to start shooting you the second you drop your bombs. I also don't only do high-level stuff, sometimes I race around at tree and wall height dropping where the enemy should be. Like if we can see vehicles rolling out of a base but don't know how many people are at the vehicle pad.

*Shrug* I don't really care if it's not in there, it'd just be nice to know if I'm wasting my time in one area or another.

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Old 2011-07-26, 04:26 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
Sirisian's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

I really like this feature. Helped when you were leading a target with your sniper and the travel time was a few seconds for the round.
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Old 2011-07-26, 04:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #18
Staff Sergeant
PsychoXR-20's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

PlanetSide is the first game I know of that had the confirmation "crosshair", and since then it's become pretty much standard in FPS's. I see no reason why PS2 shouldn't have them.

I do like what CoD did with adding audio feedback as well, makes the weapons feel like they have a little more "umph" when you hear that the round has connected.

Fun fact!

The orange circle was not the original design, it was originally going to look like a weird "shield"/shimmer on the player model when you hit them.
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Old 2011-07-26, 04:41 PM   [Ignore Me] #19
First Sergeant
waldizzo's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

I'd rather just have the audio noise. I find the visual marker to be distracting sometimes. But, yeah it's nice to know if my stuff hits things.
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Old 2011-07-26, 05:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
First Lieutenant
captainkapautz's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Definitely Yes to hit-indicators, I can't even begin to understand why anyone would be against it.
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Old 2011-07-26, 10:21 PM   [Ignore Me] #21
Talek Krell
Lieutenant Colonel
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

I liked these. Doesn't have to take the same form or anything, but some confirmation that I'm dealing damage.
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Old 2011-07-26, 10:30 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
Valdae's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

how about blood sprays EVERYWHERE when you hit someone.

(i dont think it'll happen)
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Old 2011-07-26, 10:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #23
MgFalcon's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Simple: this game is not supposed to be 100% reality based. Tell me if I hit the douche bag I'm shooting at or not.
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Old 2011-07-27, 03:57 AM   [Ignore Me] #24
Sergeant Major
Bruttal's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

I said no only because i dont want any aim assist in Planetside. though a red dot sight (not aim assist) though some skill tree would be cool. and maybe have like 30 or 40 types of red dots to chose from. yes yes i know its kinda COD:Blackops rip but i loved having a skull as my red dot =)
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Old 2011-07-27, 04:37 AM   [Ignore Me] #25
Redshift's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Originally Posted by FIREk View Post
This can only be undesirable if PlanetSide 2 doesn't show a crosshair for weapons fired from the hip, forcing you to use the iron sights.
I really hope they don't do this :/ sticking your own dot on the monitor is annoying -_-
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Old 2011-07-27, 04:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #26
Sergeant Major
exLupo's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

When I first read the thread I thought it meant the red-green friend/foe color change. Hit confirmation I like. Target team confirmation I'm iffy about but only for the previously mentioned bush-radar. Makes life unnecessarily harder for non-cloaked but still sneaky players. Sure you'd get more friendly fire deaths but, as they say, war is hell.
There is no better cause to fight than the simple need that blood be spilled. Do not fight because you receive reward or praise. Fight because that other bastard exists solely to die beneath the heel of your boot.

And that was that.
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Old 2011-07-27, 06:02 AM   [Ignore Me] #27
Sergeant Major
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

No for any aim assists. Color change is OK though, how else will you tell if you are attacking an enemy or friendly common pool craft? (sure you can tell from close, but not from far away)
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Old 2011-07-27, 06:18 AM   [Ignore Me] #28
Aractain's Avatar
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

No IFF unless detected by some other means.
No hit confirmation on interface, instead have a differant partical effect when hitting a player (blood or sparks or whatever).

Thats what I want.
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Old 2011-07-27, 09:30 AM   [Ignore Me] #29
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

I think you remove it from inside buildings if you can. Since outdoors will need it more for the range unless we get range indication. As long as its not a noise.
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Old 2011-07-27, 09:38 AM   [Ignore Me] #30
Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Voted yes, it's a feature i always liked in the original Planetside, and has since become pretty much a standard in every modern FPS.
Also, it's more or less mandatory for using some kind of weapons (think about flak based AA for example).
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