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Old 2002-10-17, 01:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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I haven't really given a lot of thought to the diffrent implants, and I'm wondering if anyone else has. If so then what implants do you think will be the most useful to the diffrent classes?

What Implants will you Medics want?

What Implants do you think will best help a MAX, or a Piolet?
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Old 2002-10-17, 02:22 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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I would probably want Advanced Targeting and Range Magnifier as a pilot

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Old 2002-10-17, 02:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Don't think any of the implants would help medics in particular, to be honest I think the implants are rather bland an I'm hoping they bring out a few more after launch.

For MAX's definately Advanced Targeting and Personal Shield, give you that chance to blaze away the big guns without being wiped out.

Pilots, well Advanced Targeting and Range Magnifier are the only implants that are of any use unless you are on foot, so count em in.

What Implants would people like to have added to the list? there must be the scope to add extra's in, mebe we can add some pressure to the dev's
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Old 2002-10-17, 02:45 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Being from south florida, I know a couple top-notch plastic surgeons that can fix you up with however many implants you're looking for.. err... :X
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Old 2002-10-17, 03:10 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Medics will want to stay in the fight as long as possible so that they can in turn help out the rest of their squad.

So, I'll be making good use of the Personal Shield, hoping that the more powerful NC assault weapons and my squad will be able to handle the rest of the protection duties.

Seeing as the medic has the ability to heal himself when he's in a safe area the Regeneration implant would be a bit of a waste of time for him, the Second Wind implant would probably be much more useful for when he is caught out without the Personal Shield (after surviving once he could hopefully retreat to heal himself again).

The last implant isn't specificly useful to medics but I would like to be an effective infantry killing machine, I think the Range Magnifier would couple well with a Gauss when attacking a facility.

There will hopefully always be someone in my squad who will look after the essential Darklight Vision and Audio Amplifiers as I support them, you never know what could be waiting for you round the next corner.
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Old 2002-10-17, 03:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
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Well so far Advanced Targeting sounds like a must have inplant for a lot of you, but I wonder about how useful it will be to a foot soldier, or a MAX.

Will I have a need to see the names of my enemys? I should be able to tell weather they are friend of foe without seeing their name. So that leaves the ability to see Deployables as the only real advantage to using it. For a piolet I can see the need to target and destroy deployables on the ground, but for someone on the ground, we'll know where they are when they start shooting at us.

Audio Amplifier sounds like it might be useful to a TR MAX since you'd be able to "hear" people trying to flank you while you were anchored, but chances are that anyone trying to do that willbe using Silent Run, and that cancels out any bonus using Audio Amplifier would have given you.

Personal Shield is a good one for anyone on the ground to have, and I think it would deffinatly help me in a MAX.

I also think that Surge would be helpful to have in a MAX, so that you can quickly get into, or out of the action.

That leaves me with a choice for 3rd implant (they did say 3 right?) and I'm wondering what do you think the better choice would be? Regeneration, or Second Wind?

Another question I have is will some implants be passive? For instance Advanced Targeting? Or will you have to turn it on and drain Stamina like with some of the other implants.

One last question to ponder....

Range Modifier mentions "Used instead of a weapon's normal zoom function", and my question is: Does it still work if the weapon has no zoom funtion, or do all weapons have some sort of zoom like in BF1942?
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Old 2002-10-17, 04:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #7
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Regeneration or Second Wind? Well it all depends on how many medics you have around you, everything depends on medics

I guess we'd have to test both of the implants out to see how effective they were, but if you had a good number of medics around to maintain your health then provided you survive your battles I'd go with Second Wind.

If you need to be more of a one man army then I have a feeling heavily armoured and regenerating MAXs would be hard to defeat without a good small squad. If you can survive a few attacks and then retreat until your health returns to safe levels you will be in a far better position to destroy than if you gained a second wind only to die before the implant has recharged. The only thing you need to start worrying about then is the state of your armor

I think all implants will need to be turned on and require stamina, just some will require more of said resource than others.

I love the zoom feature in most FPS titles, for sniper rifles especially. Why on earth is a short range engineer more effective than a long range sniper in almost all Battlefield1942 scenarios. If you ask me the sniper needs his crosshair back and the ability to use the normal partial zoom, that would compensate for their lack of explosives and I think that the two classes scores would then nearly be balanced. I'm hoping that all weapons in PS will at least have limited zoom (2x).

On a side note, is "" becoming a trademark of mine?
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Old 2002-10-17, 07:39 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
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I want the range magnifier. =]
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Old 2002-10-19, 06:21 PM   [Ignore Me] #9
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It all depends on which character I'll be playing.
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