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Daily bonus XP (Why it increases player numbers)

Yesterday I reinstalled League of Legends after watching Luperza play it on her stream, and I played a quick game of it and got a chunk of bonus XP for first win of the day.

Didn't think much of it at the time, but today I found myself thinking "Hm, I should play another game and get todays bonus XP" and that's when I remembered what that bonus XP is for. It's basically a mechanism built into the game to be habit forming, because if you reward people for logging in even just a little bit every day they get into a habit of logging into the game, and that will keep them playing the game for much longer than if they just binge-game on the weekends.

This works great for League of Legends or World of Tanks. Even WoW is running this kind of mechanic with their daily quests. You just give out some bonus that people can get in about half an hour of playing if they log in for a little bit every day, and that way you get a lot more people playing because even if they don't feel like they have the time to sit down and spend all night playing your game, they might still hop on for a short time just to get their bonus.

The way that could work in PS2 would be to have a daily bonus, where you earn double XP for, let's say, the first 12500 XP you earn. That's 50 certs. With a system like that in place every time you log in you'll be able to get your 50 certs from daily double pretty quickly.

It's going to raise the player numbers overall, because more people will log in at least once a day to grab their daily double XP, and they might just stick around a bit longer if they get into the game, and if they come to grab their daily double every day the game still overall has a lot more players than when people don't log in at all.

It also makes it easier for people to roll alts, because if you don't want to spend a huge amount of time on a character you can always just slowly build him up through daily double.

Lastly, it makes the game more attractive to casual players, since they will feel that progress is a lot quicker for the time they are putting in the game. If someone plays maybe 30 minutes a day they will get a much better sense of return on the time they put in with daily double pretty much always being on for them.

Instead of running a double XP weekend you can also run something like a daily triple or quadruple weekend instead, where you can quickly earn 100 or 150 certs. That's more effective as a holiday bonus, since people won't feel like they need to break their typical play patterns to enjoy the bonus and binge the whole weekend to get as much out of it as possible. Also they won't feel like going back to the regular rate makes playing less worthwhile.

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