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Old 2011-07-15, 03:28 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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& Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

Gameplay & Systems

Empire-specific command ability
Originally posted here:

  • Common Pool: Orbital Strike (all Empires have this)
  • TR: Air Strike (stealthed, thundering and decloaking upon destination)
  • NC: Barrage Strike (a two-stage pounding of rapid artillery)
  • VS: Covert Strike (orchestrated, elongated, silent and deadly)

its System:

All have Orbital Strike unless an orbital warfare expansion changes that, and all will have their own Strike command ability too. (all:2)
The empire who takes a key location may temporarily possess that enemy's Strike ability. e.g. NC take a VS key location. VS lose their Covert Strike ability. NC commanders are now able to decidedly use Covert Strike or their own Barrage Strike as well as their Orbital Strike. (VS:1)-(NC:2)-(TR:2)

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Old 2011-07-15, 06:31 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I think OS should be equal.
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Old 2011-07-15, 08:47 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
PSU Admin
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Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I think anytime you get into empire specific abilities of this nature things tend to get a bit out of control.

While the thought sounds cool, I'm not so sure it's a good idea gameplay wise.
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Old 2011-07-15, 02:09 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
Old War Horse
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

Not a fan of this...there were too many OS's as it was. Now we are talking about adding to them?
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Old 2011-07-15, 03:54 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I would rather just see empire specific artillery vehicles instead of different types of OSes or that damned flail.

The idea sounds good in writing but in-game I'm not so sure.
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Old 2011-07-15, 04:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
First Lieutenant
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I dont like more OSes than we already have, im not even happy that they brought the OS back. If anything they should do empire specific artillery
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Old 2011-07-15, 04:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #7
First Sergeant
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

Two issues I have with this:

- if it's any different than the other one, we will end up with lots of whining.

- if it's the same it will essentially waste development time on three different sets of GFX.

However, smashing enemies with a gigantic disco ball as Vanu sounds fun!
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Old 2011-07-15, 05:49 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
First Lieutenant
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

also the TR and the NC ones should be switched. The TR is the people that do the rapid fire stuff and the NC are going to be the guerrilla fighters that have stealthy stuff
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Old 2011-07-16, 11:19 AM   [Ignore Me] #9
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Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

Would rather like to see more factional artillery vehicles (or even anything but flail), and maybe improving how that stuff works instead of adding these relatively passive extra-OSs.
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Old 2011-08-05, 06:15 AM   [Ignore Me] #10
Shogun's Avatar
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

i´m all agsinst MORE OS than we already had in ps1.

remember, in ps2 there will be no cert-cap, so sooner or later everybody will be cr5 like in ps1 now, and we will have another ongoing os thunderstorm.

i would even change the os system to prevent this. os are great and they need to be in the game, but they need to be limited. and there is a very easy and fair way to do this!

just change the orbital timers! every os capable commander gets a os timer, but the timer will freeze until the commander actually is leading a squad. so only the squadleaders os timer will count towards another os, while all other cr5s not actually leading a squad will have frozen os timers and cannot use os until they lead again, for the timer to start moving.

the os was meant for leaders only, but in ps1 every player worked to become cr5 just because of the big os capability. and most of them never took the lead of a squad after they got what they wanted. that´s why ps1 has not a single minute of battle without orbitals raining down
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Old 2011-08-05, 12:30 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
Vancha's Avatar
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I like the way people are denouncing this idea based on the implementation and number of orbital strikes in PS1.

ESOS' could be good, depending on how OS' work in PS2.
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Old 2011-08-05, 03:16 PM   [Ignore Me] #12
Sergeant Major
Trolltaxi's Avatar
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I like the idea and it will take ages till everyone and his brother levels up to use these big guns. So why not? The new SL/PL/OL skills (probably a whole branch on the skill tree) will require devoted leaders. Even outfits will need their commanding officers do the leading, as other CEPwhores (whatever the system will be) won't be able to buff their teams. So it won't be "promote me in the last 10 secs of the cap", or "just take SL, I'll manage the squad on TS, I'm already CR5 since ages, don't need cep". So we won't see too many of OS-like abilities for weeks or month, and it won't become common in years.

But the empire approach would be different imho.

TR - stationary artillery giving indirect fire support on the designated area. Large amount of prjectiles but smaller damage/round, and may be inaccurate without high skills or firing to higher range from your 'artillery base' (empire home or sanc or core area or HQ or whatever you they will call it).
NC - precision bombing or rocket strike. Small area affected, but greater damage. It would take longer till the strike arrives when calling it on further away targets.
VS - cloaked air strike on the target/tricky auraxian 'magickz' (precise, but the primary effect is smaller than NC, but it comes wiht a large emp area or a painfield or whatever). Bit weaker when calling on far away targets.

Like it?
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Old 2011-08-05, 05:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #13
Sergeant Major
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I'd rather wait until there are multiple planets and "naval" combat involves fighting between big ships and an orbital station. The team with the station should have OS capability, so it's always a good idea to have members dedicated to starside intercept, and believe me, there will be.
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Old 2011-08-07, 04:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #14
First Lieutenant
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

- if it's any different than the other one, we will end up with lots of whining.

Thats the problem, people are so whiny when things are different. Just like the WoW players crying for pallys and shammys on each side. Yes they have a easy potential to be unbalanced but done right I think its the most fun to have differences in the game. I don't mind absolutely hating that weapon if I absolutelty love mine.
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Old 2011-08-12, 02:01 AM   [Ignore Me] #15
Re: & Systems: Empire-specific Strike Abilities

I`m tired of Os`s more versions would be annoying.

I was honestly saddened, because I think I remember reading they were coming back.
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