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Old 2012-04-19, 05:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #46
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Re: PCG UK indicates 2013 Launch

Originally Posted by Bags View Post
Why would they say "we'll begin letting people in in the next couple months" and then not have beta till fall?

they were saying this late in march! Means april / may if they weren't lying or don't get held up.
"Rough" estimates ?

We keep bullying them for beta dates so if a non-official approximate time range is enough to lower the pressure, it will be said.

What they try to say is that beta is for the near future and that things are still in motion. The good news being: the more time passes, the less there is to wait until beta !

Originally Posted by Tasorin View Post
PS2 is like a young fine wine.

The longer it ages in a properly corked and stored bottle the better the end product.
Well said !

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Old 2012-04-19, 06:41 PM   [Ignore Me] #47
Re: PCG UK indicates 2013 Launch

i could go either way on this.

On the pessimistic hand, when has an MMO ever had beta when it's fans wanted it to be. Never. They are always about 1 quarter or more late on beta, and 2+ quarters (sometimes years) late on actual release . Thus, expect beta in the summer/fall at the earliest, and on the pessimistic side a launch in Q1-Q2 next year.

On the optimistic side. They said a few months till beta back in March...they also distributed keys this month with PC gamer....I wouldn't think PC gamer would give them front cover press (in exchange for giving out beta keys) if the beta wasn't expected by May or June at the latest. What's in it for PC gamer to agree to that, and who's going enjoy getting all stoked to have a beta key, only to have to wait to use it for 3-6 months.... It would show badly on SOE's organization if it doesn't come sooner than summer after going for that sort of press.

Then there's the E3 hype being pushed by SOE. E3 is early June, which leads to:

Highly Optimistic: Beta would open in April/May and the big moment would be a launch announcement for somewher this summer. My Odds: 5%.
Moderately Optimistic: Beta opens at E3. My Odds: 70%.
Pessimistic: Beta start of sometime this summer is announced at E3. My Odds: 25%.

Also, the optimist in me says that beta could be a bit quicker than normal as they've already got a ton of data on faction balance from PS1. Think about it, they should already know how to balance much of the faction specific and common pool weapons/armor/vehicles at least to a moderate level of balance right out of the gate. Sure, that's only a small subset of the balancing issues, but its still a chunk of work they don't have to do that a truly new MMO would have to go through many iterations in order to get it all right...

Overall, I'd expect a Q4 launch, somewhere in October/November.

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Re: PCG UK indicates 2013 Launch

2013 is going to be a great year for gaming. Not that I'll notice anything launching besides PS2...
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