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Old 2013-06-20, 09:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
War Barney
Sergeant Major
A few tank busting questions

Hi, basically I've decided my goal in planetside is to blow up tanks by sneaking up on them and throwing C4 at them. As such I have a few questions to ask to improve how I do this.

First off should I just save up for a second C4 right away or is it to expensive for what else I could get with the certs?

Second, whats a good rocket launcher to use? I'm NC and was going to get the decimator but people keep saying the phoenix does the same damage but you can camera target it. If my style ends up with me right behind the vehicle I'm trying to blow up most of the time which should I get?

Third, are the anti vehicle grenade useful? all I've heard of them is that they do hardly any extra damage compared to normal grenades so its not worth getting them.

Fourth, (a bit off topic) is how worth it is it to get the second grip upgrade for the starter lmg? I was going to buy a new gun but I've found I get a nice amount of kills with this one and like how it seems to work at all ranges, got the compensator and first grip so far so was wondering if I should get the next one. Also while on this topic is there a good thats a better all round gun? I heard the GD22S was good for this but is it really worth buying over the starter gun when I have so many upgrades for it already? Also is the high velocity ammo worth getting for this gun considering I try my best to get close up BUT do tend to notice a lot of long to mid range combat does occur thus why I don't really want to switch it for a short range one like I was thinking before.

Sorry for the semi wall of text, been playing about a week and decided its time to start planning for the future with certs and guns so thought best way to get somewhere would be to ask people who know whats going on as right now I'm very confused =( guns seem to say they are anti vehicle but the damage says its lower. Why can't they just have a damage vs vehicles and a damage vs infantry stat! would make life so much simpler.
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Old 2013-06-20, 10:01 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
OCNSethy's Avatar
Re: A few tank busting questions

Hey Barney,

C4 - always a great investment. If thats your goal, Id suggest you save up for the second lot. You will always find other things to spend certs on, so it could take a while if you dont save

RL - Decimator is good for close up anti-Max work but the phoenix is very versatile. Id suggest you would kill more with it.

AV Nade - cant comment - dont know.

Second grip upgrade - cant comment - dont know.

Im sure someone else will jump in and help you out a bit more.... see you out there


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Old 2013-06-20, 10:30 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: A few tank busting questions

One C4 won't kill any tank unless it is already damaged, so if killing tanks is your goal, you need the second C4.

The Decimator does the most damage and will be the best for finishing off vehicles when you are up close (say after a C4 attack).

The Phoenix is much better for attacking from a distance.

AV grenades work. They also are effective against MAXes. They damage infantry, but not as much as the standard frag grenades (which do next to nothing to tanks).

The advanced forward grip for the SAW is better than the standard, get it when you can afford it. HV ammo is a matter or taste, higher velocity, but more recoil. I like it.

The EM6 is an alternative to consider, some people like it better than the SAW. It has much less recoil and higher DPS.
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Old 2013-06-21, 10:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
War Barney
Sergeant Major
Re: A few tank busting questions

Thanks for advice, one thing I've always wondered is do other explosions set off c4? I'm sure sometimes they seem to but I was just testing it on a sunderer and it didn't seem to. I know that sort of makes it a self explanatory question but it seems to make sense that an explosion should set off the C4 and if it did it would save time shooting a rocket to set off the C4.

Also is it worth getting the hawk for anti air? just did a trial of the phoenix and I couldn't hit those damn scythes they just moved way to fast.

And finally more of a request, if anybody has access to the proper forum or a place to make suggestions could you suggest that they let you choose a sight when trialing guns please =). I tried out the em6 but its hard to judge if I like it when using a sight I hate. I'm awful with any sight but the night vision one as I can't pick out targets from the background without it, as such any test I do without that for new guns are sort of meaningless
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Old 2013-06-21, 10:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Re: A few tank busting questions

It should let you try out all scopes and attachments in the VR for any gun available to your team. Go to the VR training area from the warpgate terminal and then go to an infantry console to try any gun, scope, or attachment.
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Old 2013-06-30, 03:38 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
Re: A few tank busting questions

If ur goal if C4-ing tanks then go 2x C4 and Decimator.
So u will be able to deal with sunderers. Just put 2 c4 on it, do not activate them and shoot from decimator.
Phoenix doesnt fit a style of C4-ing.
AV grenade works, but.. I rarely can find a situation to make it useful.
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Old 2013-06-30, 03:48 AM   [Ignore Me] #7
Re: A few tank busting questions

If u want to be an NC heavy trooper exploding tanks Id go:
Nanite Mesh Generator 5
Flak Armor 5
Anti-Vehicle Grenade
C-4 (Explosives) 2
And Anchor with Adv Laser sight, just because its a best NC weapon for a constantly moving character. EMs and Gausses are for campers
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Old 2013-07-01, 01:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
Re: A few tank busting questions

I do my AV kkilling with an engineer, it requires a lot of certs, but I tend to run under barrel nade/smoke launcher, utility pouch 3 and 2 levels of C4, that way I can have 4 sticks of C4 or 4 AT mines or 2 AP mines.

The nade launcher for more damage or smoke to cover approach, 4 C4 for insta kill, or 2 AV plus nade launchers/av turret if undefended.
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Old 2013-07-01, 04:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #9
Re: A few tank busting questions

Another option would be to roll Light Assault, they can also carry up to two C4 and have jump packs which makes it somewhat easier to C4 tanks or other vehicles. If you like having different weapons/tools and enjoy supporting other players, i'd go engi, but if you want to have more survivability, heavy would be better. I'd reccommend Heavy since you're new, basically what Capitan said above would be good set up for what you are trying to accomplish. Regarding the heavy assault's missle launcher, any of them are deadly against armor at close range since it's hard to miss, and rear/side shots do 2x and 1.5x dmg respectively. The NC faction specific one is unique and works great at all ranges. The decimator's round travels relatively slowly, but is affected by gravity much less than the other dumb-fires so has less drop. With that said, it's not completely useless at range, especially if the target is stationary. I found that once I got used to the drop of the decimator round, it was easy to hit targets at long range that weren't moving, even infantry. Much easier than the default launchers even though they have a higher round velocity. Make sure to try them out in the VR before getting one, and go with whatever you enjoy most. Personally, I don't have much fun with anything guided or locked-on, much more satisfying to land a dumb-fire round.
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