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Old 2013-05-28, 12:54 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Sergeant Major
need suggestions for TR MAX

I have been neglecting building a MAX for TR. I am looking for something more for infantry combat in domes tech and amps, but really anything thats effective I would love to see what you guys have.

I have 1200 certs and $50 in SC so go nuts.


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Old 2013-05-29, 03:43 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

I loves my max so this is just how I roll, well if I want to get my AI on then you're going to need full Kinetic armour as a must have, I choose this over flak armour as I find when your doing AI the enemy usually open up at you with small arms fire the most, you can if you're smart and fast avoid explosives.

For your ability well I'm keeping charge over lockdown, it gives me that edge if I have to get some place quickly to chase down runners, if I need to make a quick exit stage right if some LA is trying to C4 my ass or the like and if I have to cross a dangerous interesction or road. Charge all the way

Now for the dakka I'm a dual MAXer so I usually run with both the left & right versions of the gun on my MAXes, I rarely chop & change.
Well this one is open for debate as so many AI maxes I know still use the Mercies, some use the Onslaughts but for my money atm it's the original Heavy Cyclers. On this I can't give much advise which to pick other than go to the shooting range or trial them for yourself, I just found the HC to have the best all round preformance now but what I can advise is spend 500 of those certs and get yourself and extended magazine in at least 1 arm right away.
The beauty of doing that is you can have sustained fire while one arm is reloading the other is still shooting and vice versa so if the enemy is waiting for you to stop to reload, they're going to be very dissapointed when you blow their fool heads off

Oh and finally get yourself a pocket Engineer, take him or her out to movies, dinner whatever just show that you love them as when the shit hits the fan and that engineer is hugging your ass with their repair tool or wedgeing more bullets into ammo slot they can make all the difference between you stomping up and down on the enemy or the other way around

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Old 2013-05-29, 10:24 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

Thanks that was very helpful!
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Old 2013-06-14, 03:36 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

after testing things out I have been going back and forth on armor

kinetic only increases resistance by 1.5% each tier, wouldn't flak be more useful since its 10% per tier? Does that 1.5%-7.5% really do much?

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Old 2013-06-20, 01:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

Originally Posted by Rahabib View Post
after testing things out I have been going back and forth on armor

kinetic only increases resistance by 1.5% each tier, wouldn't flak be more useful since its 10% per tier? Does that 1.5%-7.5% really do much?
Im was using flak armour and now moved to Kinetic for AI and AV work. I retain flak for AA work.

The way I see it is flak is good for explosive splash. It wont help that much with direct hits. I have found my max will face small arms fire more than splash and Kinetic helps keep me alive a little longer. When I just wore flak, I got creamed when facing lots of SA fire.


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Old 2013-06-26, 04:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

TR AV starts and ends with the Fractures. I love them with my life, and they have saved said life on multiple occasions.

Lockdown is good for AV, but very situational. Most of the time you will have to stay mobile and duck behind a ridge to repair, because you cant stand toe to toe with a tank if you're not moving.

The ROF is good, but where they really shine is in long range attacks. If you get a few of your buddies, you can hold a ridge against an entire column if you have good support players around you.

Ironically enough if youre good its actually not useless against infantry either!

As for AI, I have dual mercies. I think they are good overall and shine in longer ranges, but the drawbacks are smaller magazine size (extended mags are almost a must have) and max v. max battles are difficult since most of that will take place in CQC.

I would agree that having specialized max loadouts are much better than trying to split between 2 different styles of weapons. Maxes (should be) fairly situational for the most part, so you will be pulling them for a specific purpose. That purpose will be severely hampered if you are fighting with literally one arm.

I also agree that having an engi will turn a max from a severe annoyance into a mobile wave of destruction. It is much better to have 4 maxes and 4 engis than 8 maxes. When we pull our max squads, we usually go 5 MAX, 5 Engi, and 2 medics to keep the engis alive. Very effective. So make friends with your support players!
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

well for a cheap route for AI, stick with the stock chaingun that is on the left hand (i think) and get the m2 mutilator i think it is called on the right for 250 certs. it is still a beast, but if you want to get more bullets out of the stock gun, get extended mags (for 500c).

that is what i did. but maybe you shouldn't listen to me, because for AV i got dual HEGS because i am a cheapass XD

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Old 2013-06-27, 05:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

I went with dual fractures. Does great on infantry at all ranges if you can aim its a bit lower TTK than the mercy but it also functions as decent AV.

I also went with Flak, but I may rebuild my certs and do kinetic now, but it does help against the C4.

Also I chose charge over lockdown. I found lockdown wasn't worth being a sitting duck, and charge has saved by butt numerous times.
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