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Cool The Wall-of-Shame & Play Etiquette. Something Mandatory for PS1's Survival

Moderators may not like that I'm doing this, but I believe it is a necessary evil, and I will ensure my own sacrifices just so that others may enjoy the game. This thread's existance will allow a ZERO-TOLLERANCE LEVEL FOR ANY FORM OF HACKING, and will hopefully be followed. Accusers must have significant and worthwhile evidence, and not just claims someone is hacking because they're losing. I am sick and tired of the dwindling player-base because of them, and nothing being done about it. I will not be placing names on here willy-nilly. If there is substantial reason to suspect them, they will go on the suspicious list. Otherwise, they will not be added as a case of a person simply just hating another. If the accuser can provide some shred of evidence, Then, and only then, are they added to the suspicious list.

As we deal with planetside's potential revival via PSEMU,, and SOE's prior desire to silence any speak of hackers, thus allowing them to run amok and them be able to do whatever they want. Hackers will more than likely try to flood in on the case of PSEMU working, thus repeating history and getting us nowhere., I say this is the wrong approach. The proper approach is to find hackers, procure evidence, and put them on the wall of shame. This serves two options:

1: Eternal shaming and hatred of such a player
2: Allowing the entire server to begin a cease-fire and target ONLY the hackers.

As such, expect this to be filled. The criteria are:

1: The hacker must be caught in the act.
2: The hacker must also be confirmed by multiple reliable sources
3: Evidence must be presented in your case.
4: Information about the case. (What were they doing at the time, what was going on, etc, be as detailed as possible)

Assuming all are met, they will appear here.

Otherwise, they will go under the "suspicious" column, If there is a lot of reports, they will be moved to "Potential Hazard" column. If it is absolutely confirmed, they WILL be given a section on here, with proof and information.

This will hopefully serve two more purposes:

1: Band the playerbase against a common foe
2: Filter out the scumbags that make the game just plain unfun for everyone else.
3: This sends a message to hackers that, if you ARE hacking, you WILL be the only one shot at. By your own faction, By the enemy. You WILL eventually be forced into a weapon lock. And we WILL NOT stop until you either stop hacking, or leave the game. Even at our own expense.

Secondarily: The "Play Etiquette" as I couldn't think of a better name for this segment, I wish to try and set some guidelines for players that will hopefully keep fights going for long periods of time, and have people playing the game again for longer periods of time. They are as follows:

  • Do NOT blow generators
  • Do NOT blow spawn tubes
  • If there is only one major position in which people are fighting, try to ensure or prolong the fight at this position. This includes initiating the hack without the intent to acctually defend the CC or capture the base, as well as ignoring enemy spawnpoints and players inbound on the location for the sake of including them in the fight.
  • Only destroy base assets to try and provoke a responce at that position, so that a fight may be initialized.
  • In cases of low playercounts, it may be wise for the lower-population factions to temporarily ally until the playing field becomes level once more.
  • If you see new players, try and encourage them to stay and teach them some tricks, tips, and tactics.
  • Get it out of your head the "Winning" mentality. This may have worked for early days, but when it's on it's last legs, your priority should be "Make the battles last as long as possible and fun for everyone"
  • Just because you got killed by someone doesn't make them a hacker, Getting mad is understandable, but don't fling insults and everything around. Step back and take a break, or find a way to help your team aside from shooting at the enemy. This game isn't about your K/D Ratio.

Without much else to say, let's get on with it.

XieXieGuailo: Belived to have been hacking on 24/08/2015 on Amerish in a MAX Suit. Multiple reports of hacking, and multiple witnesses. Requires evidence before bumping up to the proper status. Detrimental to long-term fighting, and therefore enjoyability of the game, Has blown generators just to stop fights and cause people to log off. Likelyhood of intentionally trying to kill any fights and stop anyone from playing the game is roughly 90%, Appears to have teleport and ROF hacks.
Zanduk - Confirmed due to evidence.

GhostyHunter, see:
Not King Tut: Too many alts to count. Planetside hacker enemy #1

Furthermore, these are players that should generally be ignored due to Toxicity or incredibly negative attitude, which will generally improve your gameplay experience, These will be added on a multiple-complaint basis.:


Last edited by SArais; 2015-11-09 at 09:33 PM. Reason: Added some playing reccomendations and touchups. Hopeful that the title will be changed.
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