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Old 2003-02-07, 01:10 AM   [Ignore Me] #106
First Sergeant
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In "real life" if i shot you in the foot you wouldnt be dead, but i gueretee you wouldnt be able to walk for days, do you want them to put crawling in too?

::franticaly looks for his damage bar but cant seem to find it::
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Old 2003-02-07, 01:12 AM   [Ignore Me] #107
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I just hope it doesn't tell me where I got shot at and I'll pretend that the sniper shot me between the eyes.

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Old 2003-02-07, 01:13 AM   [Ignore Me] #108
Arshune's Avatar

That'd make me a little mad, yeah...but if bolt driver is only OHK on standard armor then who cares? You can use the VR training to get yourself up to the point where you never even have to see a bolt driver in standard armor, can't you? And if you can't, how long could it possibly take to get an armor cert? Probably not that long if you found a good group somewhere I guess...but then again, that's only a guess, so I dunno. I wonder if any questions along these lines were planned for the shoutcast?

BTW-Kudos to all you guys for not letting this degenerate into a massive flame war, never before have I been on an internet forum where an intelligent discussion can occur if two parties have different opinions. I could get used to this.

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Old 2003-02-07, 05:11 AM   [Ignore Me] #109
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Yeah, posts here pretty much always stays civil =)

But annyways, having hiboxes in a game means more calculations on where the bullet hit and how much damage it does. It might be that present day technology can't handle all that calculation when battles come up in the 200 or 300 player ranges. The devs are kinda "tied" by technology and the fact that they have to have the capability to have the game running smooth, who would pay for a server that craps out whenever the game gets massive?


I don't know really, just guestimating.
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Old 2003-02-10, 07:29 PM   [Ignore Me] #110

Even the most standard games have headshots going back the OG godeneye if a game doesn't have headshots it better be as fast as quake 3 and a massive multiplayergame can't do that. I don't know about the rest of you but i live in a country with a economic syestem called capitalism. If you don't like no headshots don't buy the game i know i won't (its just a standard)
Newbies will become veterans when they master running around your enemy in a circle( thats just stupid).Newbies will learn by getting there asses blown up. Pistols will be useless even as a back up weapon. Plus if the game sucks because there are no headshots something better will come along eventually(counter strike: condition zero will have to due untill then).
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Old 2003-02-10, 07:45 PM   [Ignore Me] #111
Arshune's Avatar

Quake 3 wasn't fast paced, UT was. Quake 3 was actually pretty slow by comparison to other games, slower than Half-life or any of its 48579387593847593.2034 mods. The way I see it, no headshots means no aimbotting 10 year olds, and the fewer of those I see, the fewer anger management classes I need to take.

Location specific damage has been cheap since its institution, it's a perfect game mechanic for single player but totally ruins multiplayer. It makes games a lot less fair, for n00b and 1337 h4x0r alike. In a game with location specific damage, people hold still and take careful aim, that's more precise but less active. In a game without it, however, the focus is more on the active elements and there's more run-n-gun action. I happen to prefer run-n-gun, that's why I was happy to hear them say PlanetSide won't have location specific damage, and I really do hope they never put it in. Video game combat=fun, real life combat=not fun. Why would you want to make the two more alike?
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Old 2003-02-10, 08:42 PM   [Ignore Me] #112
Sergeant Major
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In a game with location specific damage, people hold still and take careful aim, that's more precise but less active. In a game without it, however, the focus is more on the active elements and there's more run-n-gun action.
I don't think that they hold still and take careful aim because of the headshots, though that does happen. I think that people take careful aim because, in the games where they do take carecull aim, you have less accuracy when moving, jumping ect.

I like this. I played the demo of UT2003 and I didn't like it. People just ran around and shot things. But there you don't have less Accuracy when moving. I just ran around shooting at everything that moved hoping that I could help my teammates this way. this wasn't fun. I wasn't thinking. I wasn't trying to figure out where they were, how I could out flank them, or how I could turn the tide. I just ran around and shot things.

But then in that game death means nothing. I believe that in order to have a game that isn't "run-n-gun" doesn't mean location damage. You need decreased/increased accuracy under certain conditions, teamwork, rewards for teamwork, communication with the team, stamina for bunny hopping, and players wanting to live. This creates careful players who crouch (provided it adds to accuracy), aim (doesn't matter where), and fire.

This game seems to have the above requirements. It has a CoF, that decreases when moving, jumping and shot, and increases when standing and crouching. You will be part of an empire, fighting othet empires. You gain experiance as a team under some cercumstances. There is a commander who orders, and you can talkto your squad. There is stamina that lets you run your implants as well as jump (I wonder if you can sprint.) If you die, you might spawn a ways back and have to trek your way to the fight, or another fight.

If the above things are true, I will be playing PS a LOT! My wife will have to peal my cold hands off the mouse, or pull a breaker in order to me to actually take out the trash. I like games where you have to aim, where you have to work as a team. These are skills. True circle-straifing is also a skill, but it will happen indoors.

At first I didn't like the headshots. While I do believe they take skill. I really don't get that many headshots anyway because the body is so much easier to shoot at. I only shoot at the head when I am sneaking up on them. So it isn't a big loss anyway.
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