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Old 2003-03-06, 11:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Greedy/selfish Pilots? potention problem that's affecting many fps's now

I've been playing tribes 2 for a while now, close to about two years, and i've just recently started playing bf1942. I've noticed that many people are just greedy when it comes to going somewhere. They just get a vehicle and get out of the base as soon as possible, even if its a transport vehicle with room for 6, they don't bother to take anyone with them and just drive off. I see that happening alot in both Tribes 2 and Battlefield 1942. This could potentionally be a terrible problem for planetside because not just everyone can pick up a jeep/plane and go. The majority of the populous will HAVE to rely on these people for rides, and when alot of people in the gaming community are greedy and selfish, chances are we will be stranded for a while until we find a teamwork-appreciating pilot, or just catch one before they have a chance to leave. Anyone else seeing this problem now, and have a solution on how to fix it in planetside?
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Old 2003-03-06, 11:35 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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You could just get certified in a harasser or something, so if that galaxy is full or the pilot is an ass, you can just hop in your ride and, well, ride off.

I haven't been playin many PC games recently, so I'm not that awre of selfish gamers. I don't think many n00bish people will be playing PS, atleast I hope not. The 13375 and veterans will join first, then maybe some n00bs will come, so it will probably be an issue later on.
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Old 2003-03-06, 11:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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First off, if you're playing with people who drive off in a havoc without anyone in it, your playing with complete idiots/noobs. People sometimes leave before its full as to get there fast, cannot wait for people forever.

Secondly I cannot see this becoming a problem in PS. You'll most likely only be getting in a vehicle with someone in your squad/outfit, and if they leave without you, well you can boot em from the outfit . Sure sometimes you wont have anyone in your squad/outfit to get you around, but since the game is so based around teamplay, I think people will be generous with helping out.
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Old 2003-03-06, 11:39 PM   [Ignore Me] #4

mmmm this is where the outfits come into play. This is not another fps-you aren't going to find teamkillers everywhere you look.
I get the feeling that people just don't like the apc. It's just a heavily armored jeep with a machine gun.... they are easy prey for grenades and bazookas.
I dont think you are going to see a dropship pilot go grab a galaxy and just jet off with it. He is going to want that sucker fully loaded. There are no vehicle spawns like in 1942. You merely are required to have a cert. There won't be any running for planes like madmen as you don the map Wake.

I seriously don't see this as a major problem.
If you don't like a guy, write his name down for future reference. People can't just hop from server to server-reputation is very important in a game like this and you don't want to get one as a pilot who abandons or leave behind people.
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Old 2003-03-06, 11:40 PM   [Ignore Me] #5

Why would someone even bother getting a cert for an APC, (which will be slow along with no weapons) and NOT bring friends along for the ride?

If someone was going to be greedy, you'll need to be worried about people getting certs for single cockpit vehicles.
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Old 2003-03-07, 12:00 AM   [Ignore Me] #6

Besides, aren't there limits, so many craft per base per X-Amount-Time, and a second longer limit per person for certain types of craft (so you won't have someone grabbing like a galaxy all the time, 'cuz they'll hit their limits all the time, but something like a cycle will be easy to get, and low limits).

Or at least that's what I vaguely remember.
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Old 2003-03-07, 01:18 AM   [Ignore Me] #7
Lieutenant Colonel
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When you see clans play, are they selfish with regards to other clan members?

I think if you join a big outfit and start finding reular people to play with, the game will be more fun and you won't have to worry about people being greedy, because you will always have a large group that you can meet up with and form into a squad.
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Old 2003-03-07, 01:22 AM   [Ignore Me] #8
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We'll I know I'm gonna get my galaxy cert, and I am just not taking off unless that thing is AT LEAST half full heh. If i need to get somewhere fast and there are no people around, then ya I might go cruisin. And I might just hover around lookin for people who need a lift. But I rarely see a time where you CAN'T see some of your empire running along the ground and drop down to give em a lift.
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Old 2003-03-07, 01:30 AM   [Ignore Me] #9

Just a side note on Tribes 2 pilots going away...

I constantly do that with the assault tank on katabatic for one simple reason:

When a person grabs the flag, they are on foot, and me as a pilot on the assault tank, have an open space for a gunner. So I try to position myself in front of the flagtaker and then hopes he sees me and tries to get to me, then I just position myself right below him during his flight for freedom, and then retrun him to the base with a helluvalot more in armour and speed(will PS vehicles have boosts?).

In PS however, there are no flagcapping, so that wont be an issue for me. Second of all, I dont think that people will really pay 10-15 dollars a month just to ruin the game for others, I honestly dont.

The only thing I really really want to do, is getting the cert for the galaxy and fill her up, transport all of the crew just behind the frontlines, out of fire range for anti-air, then stand-by until I am needed for quick retrieval or another transportation. In addition, I will probably take my galaxy, kindly explain that I would like another pilot and bring him to the warp gate, get a refuled ANTs truck thing, put it in the back and fly it to the towers that need it the most.

I'm just a support player, I do crappy on the battlefield when I get a gun, but hopefully I can be helpfull as a medic with galaxy cert.

My 2 cents...
I will not argue with your stupidity for you will only bring me down to your level and beat me with experience

I am a supportive player.
I adore the Galaxy.
I am a medic.
I am a pilot.

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Old 2003-03-07, 03:45 AM   [Ignore Me] #10

I am a supportive player.
I adore the Galaxy.
I am a medic.
I am a pilot.
People like this are critical in Planetside. I can see them getting fought over in clan choices. Heh.
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Old 2003-03-07, 08:13 AM   [Ignore Me] #11

Yup just like in RPG mmo's the support characters like medics and clerics get picked into groups really easy....

Try playing EQ or DAOC and shouting out for a group as a cleric and see how many people ask you to join... those of us who will be engineers/medics will quickly get asked into outfits especially when they prove themselves to be competent....

I will probably end up as a support player of some sort, not sure yet but probably engineer type
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Old 2003-03-07, 11:09 AM   [Ignore Me] #12
Sergeant Major
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Terran Elite Airborne Regiment

Just look for me or any other pilot/driver in [TEAR] and im positive they will give anyone a ride that needs it (or they can get demoted), unless we are on specific mission(s). We will strive for teamwork outfit based and then Faction Base. Just make sure your in Terran Republic Uniform when you walk up for a ride, or else we will have to blow you up

-Dark- CO [TEAR]
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Old 2003-03-07, 12:07 PM   [Ignore Me] #13

I didn't think it would be a problem first, but hell at least half of replyers want to get the Galaxy cert! Aint normal, i don't want it actually, rather be some soldier who is extremely far from the enemy (sniper) or much closer then expected (backdoordude, silent missions)

this means i would propably be using the Harasser or some little vehicle, or else be transported with an outfit to the frontline then try getting to the backdoor of the base on foot.

I can't imagine that there are so many peepz who wanna be a support-player, but the more there are, the more badasses there'll be, and i guess guys will get bored because there are so many supportpeeps making them useless, as they can't find enought soldiers to transport.

And look at this! My first post
That was interesting...
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Old 2003-03-07, 12:29 PM   [Ignore Me] #14
AGN Field Reporter
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Originally posted by PaPpY
Why would someone even bother getting a cert for an APC, (which will be slow along with no weapons) and NOT bring friends along for the ride?
Both ground APCs have 2 gunner positions. The PILOT will be unarmed, which may be what you meant... hard to tell.

Another point I'll make regarding BF & T2 comparisons.

In BF1942, there's a limited number of vehicles available. It benefits the selfish to just grab whatever's available.

In T2, anyone can get any vehicle, until the team limits are reached. Only then will you start to see solo-types running off in Havoks, and other wierdness.

PS has neither of these problems. Anyone can get any vehicle they're cert'ed in (takes care of the BF behavior, and some of the t2), and only those vehicles they're certed in (remaining t2 behavior).

No one will be grabbing whatever vehicle is handy just so they don't have to hike. They won't have the certs, or the permissions, or they'll be certed in something appropriate.

Some people will be grabbing vehicles that aren't really appropriate for whatever job their doing, but only when waiting for their primary choice vehicle to become available again.

But vehicle-happy people will likely have several similar certs. I believe that the lightening is a pre-req for the heavier tanks, so pilots can switch between the two if they're getting blown up faster than they're timing out. The same may apply to Mosquitos and Reavers (not so sure on the pre-req side, but getting both certs would allow you to swap back and forth when you're getting shot down alot).
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Old 2003-03-07, 01:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #15

I'll be a support person too. Going the vehicle/repair rout.

I've always enjoyed being able to transport a large team, or even just one person, and helping them get to their location safe and fast.
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