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Commander and roles/animations

so before someone blows my head off with a VS energy weapon or a TR repeater hear me out....

So we have I believe commander positions and commander ranks. well with this i think it would be nice to have a formal understanding from what the commander really is. such as is a commander just a Squad Leader or is the Commander like a General or a Battle Logistic person.. these are just a few things mulling around in my mind. The reason i bring this up is because to me with this new technology and graphics engine brings new possibilities to the game such as a command structure and resource equilibrium.

if you are in a command position what does that make you exactly. like a captain or a major on the battlefield? what goes after that? general? admiral? do the commanders work in a bunker just outside of the battlefield and relay information to certain squads that they have been assigned to?

Example -

Commander Commander Commander
- Squad Leader 1 & 4 -Squad Leader 3 & 5 -SL 2 & 6

will the General/Admiral have Commanders with them in a command room relaying information like a real logistic control room... something you see in like.... say.... the Star Wars episode 2 when Count Duku was in the Battleroom with holo grams and generals and commanders were giving orders to oppose the incoming forces. ...... so now proposal for animations would be that if you access a terminal or a holo battlefield you cross your arms or bend over to the edge of the holo desk/ terminal and point to specific undetermined areas... now the player that is looking at them would be not looking at a terminal or the holo battlefield but at a hologram with blimps or terrain with vehicle desciptions moving as an overview "god view". anyone coming into the command center would be looking at a commander as if they are discussing battle tactics.

second in the "god view" tactical layout there is a battle roster of information such as Squad Leader names and how many in that squad and so forth. each layout shows vehicle numbers and descriptive information once clicked on.

thirdly would be a chat system only for commanders to commanders and general/admiral. that would gain information on different fronts and then plan accordingly.

last but not least would be the environment that these individuals will respectively role in. i say that each commander would role in one outpost of each captured point and then the general or generals would get the information from the command bunker at the Faction main base and then relay information back just like a forward outpost would receive orders and then execute the mission from their leaders....

ok now im up for the shooting.. please dont go below the belt...
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Re: Commander and roles/animations

Any rank name system could well be distinct between empires. Between Outfits, even, since Outfits have their own ranks. I suspect since the command structure is decentralised, the only rational thing to do would be give ranks numbers and let the various outfits assign their own names to the numbers. A bit like the US armed forces do with their E1-x for enlisted ranks and O1-[i]y[/] for officer ranks that are supposed to have some sort of equivalence across Army, Navy, Coastguard and Air Force.
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