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Old 2003-10-01, 10:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Lieutenant General
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"Heroic" deeds

Whats the most "heroic" thing you've ever done in planetside?

one time my cat climbed on my desk, hit the mouse, which fired my jackhammer that killed an enemy infil near our AMS. i searched through his stuff and found a command uplink. that bitch was gonna OS 20 of my buddies to hell. well, i guess its more lucky then heroic, i guess.
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Old 2003-10-01, 10:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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sure you...err your cat, did.
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Old 2003-10-01, 10:48 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Jagd's Avatar

The most heroic thing I did was nuke the crap out of DxmZombie (one of my most hated Terran CR5s) with a Reaver right after he finished reviving one of his outfit mates. He didn't even see it coming, but man did I get a lot of tells. I had to book it to Amerish to avoid getting my ass kicked.
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Old 2003-10-01, 11:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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This happened just recently, actually.

While in my infiltration suit, I found an ANT. Being the 1337 h4xx0r I am, I hacked it, and then hopped in, and started doing laps around the enmy base. A fellow infiltrator(squadmate) was being chased down by an angry, lancer-wielding VS foot soldier.

He ate my bumped, and I got a thank-you /t
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Old 2003-10-02, 12:26 AM   [Ignore Me] #5
Major General
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me and a buddy downed about a dozen reavers by ourselves (serious, we counted)
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Old 2003-10-02, 04:23 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
First Sergeant
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This isn't all that 'heroic', but one of my most memorable moments was at a bio lab I was on the top flight of the stairwell, I took out one NC with my rocklet, then fired at another but ran out of ammo before I got him so I ran up the stairs to the roof. I was about to run off when I remembered about my knife. So I busted out my knife, switched it to secondary and charged back down the stairs! Took on a JH weilding NC head to head, and I won! I managed to land 2 stabs in a row on him as he tried to surge around me (luck mostly) and got him first. That was a great feeling .

I know there's a few more, but I can't think right now, too late.
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Old 2003-10-02, 05:07 AM   [Ignore Me] #7
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Anyway, more proof kittens own
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Old 2003-10-02, 07:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #8
First Sergeant
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there is no honor without pie
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Old 2003-10-02, 08:24 AM   [Ignore Me] #9
Lieutenant Colonel
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Anyone who helps their empire in ways that don't generate experience points is a hero. Like br20s who don't insist on always being SL, or engineers who spend several minutes repairing turrets or the generator, or medics who take a crappy skill and make it work. These people bring honor to those they fight with, and their empire as a whole.
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Old 2003-10-02, 08:26 AM   [Ignore Me] #10
First Lieutenant

Originally posted by Smiley777
there is no honor without pie

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Old 2003-10-02, 10:10 AM   [Ignore Me] #11
Staff Sergeant

I took a sniper bullet for an injured squaddy as he was getting healed... saw it coming and just ran in front of him... maybe I shouldn't have done it in an infiltrator suit though.
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Old 2003-10-02, 11:39 AM   [Ignore Me] #12
Staff Sergeant

Me and my squad once held off a VS zerg at the last base before the gate for ages, eventually being pushed right back to CC & spawn.

Before they could overwelm us a large NC force came through the gate and we soddomised the VS!, pushing them right out!.

Did not see it myself, but was told by one of my team, who was ninja'ing his way outside to the tower, that he saw 5 vanguards, two galaxys and a few assorted aircraft and vechicals. He said its the most beautiful sight hes seen whilst playing the game!.

It felt so good!.

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Old 2003-10-02, 12:04 PM   [Ignore Me] #13
Happy lil Elf
Happy lil Elf's Avatar

Plowed down a Pounder who was just starting to clamp down after chasing down a fellow outfit member over open ground while in my lightning. Kind of like a dog taking a chunk out of a cat who was preparing to spring on a mouse
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Old 2003-10-02, 12:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #14
Lieutenant Colonel

One of my heroic dutys was that this slow ass LLU carrier was running and wouldnt get in the veh so i smoked his ass and took the LLU to the base it had 2 mins left on it and i'm truly heroic cause im a adv medic and combat eng

From: Black
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Old 2003-10-02, 03:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #15
Thjis was fun

I was gaurding a VERY cramped CC waiting for the Hack to go through. There had to be twenty people in there and they were mostly youngsters. You can just tell these things. Anyhow they were all shooting at the walls and everything and I got nearly tk'd. I had ONE (1) point of life left. I was sitting there for 14:53 and this young dick-wad decided to finish me off, which he did (tk of course) As soon as I respawned, I gave him a tell " I'm comming to kill you" He talked some shit, calling me a noob. It was a 5 minute run back there and as I turned the corner upstairs, there the little bitch was, re-equiping. I gave him 2 head-shots with my Gauss and he died. I got two tells of congratulation. It may not be heroic but it was memorable and everyone seemed to like it. (revenge can be herioc)

PS> I have taken out spitfire turrets to save teamates and "died" doing it.
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