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Old 2003-11-25, 12:00 AM   [Ignore Me] #61
NoSurrender's Avatar

wow HE ACTUALLY SHUT UP . Anyways all i know is that its gonna be the official -IoS- diddymobile (deliverer which we love the hell out of!) repairer.

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Old 2003-11-25, 12:58 AM   [Ignore Me] #62

i know its been said... but GOD DAMN THAT IS ON UGLY ASS MOTHERFUCKER..
Looks like a big ass bug...

would be nice if it can hold mulitple tanks.
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Old 2003-11-25, 01:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #63
Master Sergeant

The first time I saw it I thought..... OS BABY! Could you imagine this think blowing up? What if it was full of full ANTs? Wow, I can only imagine.
"That kid's got problems" - 10 year recruiter for the NAVY
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Old 2003-11-25, 01:30 AM   [Ignore Me] #64
Lieutenant Colonel
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It will revolutionize the game, so get ready.

Time to drop some siege tanks on a ledge and kill their baes!11
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Old 2003-11-25, 01:31 AM   [Ignore Me] #65
Master Sergeant

You know everyone will have one for about a week
"That kid's got problems" - 10 year recruiter for the NAVY
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Old 2003-11-25, 01:43 AM   [Ignore Me] #66
Ait'al's Avatar

This is a cool idea too. You get sucked in the back through an open area. from the inside it puts you in the side compartments(4). Thats then the max capacity(sure!!!) and the side things open up underneath so that the "landing struts" "landing surface" is then touching teh bottom of the plane leaving an opening under your vehicles for drops. 8) and maybe theres room for a few more vehicles to stay in the main compartment that cant be dropped but have to wait for landing. Or lets say these (lets say four)(the ones that stay in the main Bay) other vehicles are then sucked into the drop compartments after the first drop for a two stage drop system with a total of 8 vehicles. But maybe the inside vehicles have to be ATV sized or only two large vehicles that sit sidways one next to the other. Meaning hte second drop can only do 2 large vehicles

thats an auto 4 nomater what the size vehicles plus 2or4 others depending on size.

I dont think i shut up very well.

IM guessing SPORK wouldnt be nice enough to pop in and give us another hint. Would he?8)

And maybe when its landed and deployed instead of coming out the bottom you drive in hte back sucked in a chamber, Get rearmed/repaired, the grey side doors open, and a ramp slides out for ground vehicles or an arm drops them, and if it does air vehicles(making it a Carrier vessel as well. ) the grey doors open and they just fly out. Besides the fact it says Ground vehicles. But hwo knows maybe it does part of it to repair Air vehicles.

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Old 2003-11-25, 02:58 AM   [Ignore Me] #67
Master Sergeant
flypengy's Avatar

The strategic possibilities of this are mindboggling.

Base has a shield mod in it? Drop an ams in there with some vanguards and dominate.

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Old 2003-11-25, 05:50 AM   [Ignore Me] #68
Lieutenant Colonel
Zatrais's Avatar

Will be a fun toy for a week or 2 i bet but depending on the availability of it in the field i doubt it will be commonly fielded.
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Old 2003-11-25, 06:29 AM   [Ignore Me] #69

Hmmm..... wil the lodestar drop vehicles on a base with the shield module?

Just a thought..... would be cool if the vehicle would bounce off of it like 500 meters into the air.

A flying vangaurd.

Oh yeah.
Death is not the answer for everything. Torture also has its merits.
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Old 2003-11-25, 07:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #70
Staff Sergeant
ZjinPS's Avatar

Originally Posted by Hamma
Spork says it will carry all vehs, no clue how many at once. As for its looks - Dave said on the dev interview it wasnt a sexy vehicle
It's damn sexy!
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Old 2003-11-25, 08:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #71
Lieutenant Colonel

Looks like a vehicle with 2 extremely powerful engines to me. I'm a little disappointed in that it has no defensive systems though. A little forcefield isn't exactly enough.
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Old 2003-11-25, 09:10 AM   [Ignore Me] #72
Strak's Avatar

Well ok here we go.

Judging by the two HUGE intakes on the front of it, The majority of this vehicle is ENGINES, 2 giant ones. These are not vehicle compartments. I do not believe the wings rotate up to hold the vehicles, infact I think that concept is dumb, but who knows.

I think I'll throw my hat into the open air compartment right behind the driver, and that it will carry 1 vehicle.

Question: If it is open air and I am in my vehicle can I shoot?
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Old 2003-11-25, 09:25 AM   [Ignore Me] #73

pfft..definatly what you want is to have 2 lodestars, both carrying a flail each...then you line the lodestars vertically so they're beneath each other. Then the lodestar at top, drops the flail down on the lodestar below, so its on top of that lodestar...then the lodestar which is now empty, positions itself below the lodestar which has a flail on top of it. Then the second lodestar drops the flail he's got in the cargobay down on the first lodestar, and suddenly you have 2 flails at 400 feet

then you can start shootin'!

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Old 2003-11-25, 10:39 AM   [Ignore Me] #74
Lieutenant Colonel

That would be pretty hard to do..........
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Old 2003-11-25, 10:42 AM   [Ignore Me] #75
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EDIT- just thought id stick that in here
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