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Old 2004-04-23, 07:29 PM   [Ignore Me] #91

Originally Posted by KIAsan
Yeah, more people get a gun, but they are only doing a bit more damage. By my count, I see 60mm of gun in a TR wagon, compared to 40mm in a Del. For the same 5 people, I could field 2 dels with the same 60mm. And in that scenario, the two dels would be superior, since they have greater speed/maneuverability over the TR wagon (not to mention a better chance at survival, more ammo, more transport space and more potential to up the damage (add 1 more gunner for 80mm total).

Anyway, I'm waiting to see this on the test server, but so far, this idea for the TR wagon is looking real thin. It is looking like the prowler all over again, more people required to effectively field it, thus less of them on the road. At least we will still have the original del to fall back on and it will give us a new toy to play with for a while.
KIA, I think tah, while you're technically right, you're ignoring operational realities. For example, when you and I were playing with the rest of BWC today, how many people had ground transport? 1. It is not an oft-used certification, and is thus rare. Given that, it is quite optimal even with the manpower restraints: While 2 Deliverers would be more powerful technically, given only one GT-certed character, the Battlewagon is the better choice.
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Old 2004-04-24, 03:01 PM   [Ignore Me] #92
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You just made my point. Think about it. We would technically be better off with 2 dels, but this will save us a ground transport cert. Big woop dee doo. I was hoping for something more than the devs helping us to save on certs. At least the NC/VS versions will be something new (I hope). And won't require half a squad to actually man the thing. Anyway, as was pointed out before, this is all speculation at this point. I will patiently wait for the thing to be introduced and test it, before commenting anymore.
KIAsan [BWC]

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Old 2004-04-24, 04:05 PM   [Ignore Me] #93

Good point. I'll reserve final judgement until it is released.
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Old 2004-04-24, 04:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #94
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It's the whole speed vs power argument. Would you rather have four 15 mm's that, while weaker, fire more quickly, or two 20mm that are stronger, but fire more slowly.
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