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Old 2015-02-06, 09:48 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Private Updated with Hossin and Amerish maps

Believe it or not, PlanetSide 2 Maps has been finally updated! I know, right? Hell has frozen over I guess. Or rather, I finally found the time to dig in and redo a lot of stuff and update the site. A lot has been added, some things have changed and a few features have been simplified...

Proper Hossin and Amerish Maps

First of all, (and probably most importantly) PlanetSide 2 Maps now has legit Hossin and Amerish maps. They have live faction territory control, lattice links and everything you would expect. One temporary change: for all maps, detail icons (capture points, vehicle terminals, etc) have been temporarily removed while I manually update their positions. They will be back soon!

Server Global Operations Page

Each server now has it's own Global Operations page where you can view the current status of all continents at the same time. There are simplified maps of each continent, territory control percentages and an overview of which factions own which facilities. The maps on this page are purposely simplified, but it's planned to add lattice links and icons for Amp Stations, Bio Labs and Tech Plants.

Improved Navigation Menu

Another new feature is that the navigation menu bar at the top of the page now shows which continents are owned by a faction. You will see NC, TR or VS logos in order to indicate continent ownership.

Territory Control Log

At the bottom of each map, there is now a Territory Control Log. This log will automatically update whenever a faction captures or resecures a facility. It shows which faction captured (or resecured) what facility, along with a timestamp of when it happened. There are filters you can use too. If you just want to see captures done by Terran Republic and Vanu Soverignty, just check the appropriate filters. You can change the size of the log or hide it so its out of the way too.

Customize Faction Colors

Do you like to customize faction colors in-game? Well you can do it on PlanetSide 2 Maps now too! Just click the settings icon at the top of the page and you'll be able to change faction colors. Now, the map icons, territory colors, graphs and lattice links will all use the colors you pick! On a related note, territory colors will now show up as dark if it's disconnected from the Warpgate, just like in-game.

Zoom and Enhance!

You can now zoom into the map twice as far as the in-game PlanetSide 2 map. You can zoom in up to 10 levels. Unfortunately the map is going to be really pixellated since the textures come directly from the PlanetSide 2 game files and they simply do not get that high of resolution. But if you ever had a desire to zoom in and look at an ultra pixellated capture point, your wildest dreams can now come true!

Faster Map Updating

Previously, maps only updated every 60 seconds. Now, maps update in real-time. Whenever a facility or outpost is captured in-game, the maps on PlanetSide 2 Maps will update at the exact same time. A while back, SOE added a Websocket service to their Census API that pushes updates to you in real-time, which is what is now utilizing. This change is mostly invisible to the user, but it's faster, more efficient and better across the board.

Open Development on GitHub

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a LONG time since PlanetSide 2 Maps has been updated. Too long. Life has gotten pretty busy for me in the past year and this has contributed to a major lack of much needed updates. There are still so many features that I want to add to the site, but time is something I don't have a lot of lately. That's why I've made the decision to move development of PlanetSide 2 Maps over to GitHub. I'm opening it up! Instead of users waiting on one person who doesn't have enough free time to update the site, anyone will be able to update it. If you notice a missing or incorrect icon on a map, you can get on GitHub and fix it. Want to add new feature to the site? Fork it on GitHub and start coding! What I envision is that becomes a community-driven resource that will benefit all PlanetSide 2 players. I’ll announce more on this soon.
Okay enough already! Go check out the new features:
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Old 2015-02-06, 11:39 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Updated with Hossin and Amerish maps

Thanks for all the work you've put in!

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Re: Updated with Hossin and Amerish maps

WOW thats cool.
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Old 2015-02-07, 05:14 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
Re: Updated with Hossin and Amerish maps

That's fantastic.
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