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[NC] The [SET] Tacti-fun outfit focused on total member activity


The Founders


The Outfit Vision

The SET hopes for the opportunity to work closely with all NC members at some point to foster a collaborative effort from the NC against all opposition. SET has over a years worth of experience from Beta to present to offer you tips, tricks, and a helpful hand on and off the battlefield. No man get's left behind. A chain of command is the glue that keeps us together, and a clean comms environment keeps us keen to our enemies presence, yappers are considered a security risk and are handled appropriately.

Our Planetside outfit stands out from the others because of our unique activity model. Affectionately referred to as the "HAMM", the Hundred Active Member Model keeps our membership engaged and fresh-faced. If you are in the outfit and are the least active and someone wants to join.... well "we wish you a wonderful afternoon" If you were removed and want back in, that's cool too, we'll bump the least active for you. Our cap is 100 members, until we decide 100 members for every ops isn't enough...

The Members

Currently we have a solid group gamers who all have a passion for Planetside 2, computers and yes, music (Compliments of DJ Khiafin). We entertain our Planetside 2 addiction nightly starting at 8pm and go until we pass out at the keyboard.

We have a diverse crew of mature gamers that really take initiative, support and help our fellow gamers, and ensure the success of those beneath us, if we make you successful, guess what, we are all successful. Our foucs, XP, CERTS, and the byproduct is a damn good time.

Outfit Information

Outfit : The SET
Tag : SET
Founders : SkillSet (Raw Topic Assasins), Khiafin (Blood Oath Mafia)
TeamSpeak: Yes
Website: www.planetset.com
Private Outfit Forums: Yes

Welcoming all, training noobs and anyone who is looking for a different way of leadership. We lead by example and always encourage the support of the outfit when making decisions. After all, we chose freedom when we signed up under the NC faction!

The SET has something for everyone, come and check us out and be pleasantly surprised, from laid back cert farming to fun organized assaults we can cater to the masses. We feel we've bridged the gap nicely between a friendly environment, and a productive environment. Clear comms balanced with squads where each member utilizes every aspect of their class to support a total team initiative, no lone-wolfs here...

How to join

Go to www.planetset.com and press the “Application” button.

Currently ranked #205 overall and #7 for NC on Waterson, we look forward to showing you how we can add value to your gaming experience.

Sincere Regards,


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Re: [NC] The [SET] Tacti-fun outfit focused on total member activity

We are currently accepting BR 30's or higher, we only have 3 spots available, and will have 2 more available next week if a couple of our members don't come back (Due to extended leave). These spots fill extremely quickly, especially after an ops so an application between now an 8pm tomorrow night will secure you a spot/trial with us.

We recently started a dedicated air decision called the 'Black Stags' and have 8 liberator pilots with matching gunners, and a full squad of reaver pilots, if you feel this is your niche, do apply.

We also run dedicated Armor and dedicated support.

All the best,
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Re: [NC] The [SET] Tacti-fun outfit focused on total member activity

We currently have a Teamspeak with capacity for 512 users. As we stated above, we cap off at 100 players and right now have 2 spots left. We also have a teamspeak alliance with PREY and SMUT, send over a PM if you lead an outfit and would like to apply to join our alliance.
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