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Post Nanite Adaptive Construction Protocol

Vanu Sovereignty scientists have been working on deciphering encrypted data retrieved during the Bending phenomenon a few weeks ago. Captured on remote sensors, their findings have uncovered unexpected results. It seems the nanites from Auraxis have begun changing their coding based on information gathered from matrixing patterns and memory echoes of fallen soldiers. The result is that the nanites are improving our own technology to address what they perceive as shortcomings. Currently under testing in a nanite built simulation, the following changes could become active by the middle of the month:

First of all it seems that the Beamer, the Repeater and the Suppressor have all become more powerful, sacrificing accuracy in the process. It also seems that pain fields have been installed in all spawn rooms in bases, towers and caverns, although their effects are not as potent as those from core combat pain modules. Rearm silos now work regardless of Dropship Center link benefits, but they will only re-arm without them. You must have a Dropship center link for them to repair in addition to re-arming.

Several improvements have been made to the perception and HUD of soldiers, including the ability to transmit from the matrixing buffer while respawning. The stellar map has been improved as well as HUD positioning. The geowarps will no longer require an empire link to access them, and instant action has been improved.

Finally, something not relating to the NACP, it would seem that the Terran Republic's military experience network will now extend to the caverns. Both the New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty are expected to take full advantage of this, as well as the remaining TR contingent.

The VS Council has published the full report of the NACP intialisation <a href=" 94>here</a>. They are asking for comments and suggestions as to what else the nanites might be doing <a href=" 00">here, and any questions can be added to the list <a href=" 98">here for future response from the VS council or other sources.

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