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Red Beard
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Integrated UI Leadership Rating System

This is a culmination of a couple of posts, but I feel like this idea is kind of growing on me, and I felt it deserved it's own thread for some peer review.

I think a feedback system for rating legitimate leadership skill and reputation through a combination of peer-review and compiling data on experience generated would be the best way to provide a soft barrier to bad leadership, while still giving the players the freedom of choice.

Leadership is inspiring others to follow you due to your ability to produce the desired results, and if good leadership in this case generates more experience gain than bad leadership, then even the zerg can be induced into giving accurate leadership feedback, as long as the experience reward system is structured properly.

Assuming that is the case, then I think these two things should be combined:

A leadership ratings system based on "underling feedback" that's compiled on a leader based on 'exit reviews' (something like consumer feedback on Ebay) or experience generated for those who decided to follow you (something like genius on iTunes)...the incentive being experience generated for those under his (or her) command. It could be an automatic calculation based simply on experience generated for your followers, or peer review, or a combination of both. Potential leaders could then be ranked (proper criteria is everything obviously).

Once that ratings system is established and applied to potential leaders (stats and historical data could continuously build in leadership profile available to the PS2 public), that system could be used as a quick reference as people "shop" for leaders (in whatever capacity that might be).

The key part of this design relies on the proper implementation of criteria for experience rewards both on the leader and follower side of the equation. If that is set up properly, I think a command structure would form organicly and intuitively, without any micromanaging from the Devs, and would easily integrate into the missions system.

Yea or Nay?


Certs could then be linked into their achievement through their leadership rating. Since the pool of high end leadership would then be limited to those consistently producing results, more meaningful (powerful?) certs could then (potentially) be rewarded to those who both maintain a high leadership rating and a consistent presence on a server (ie, followers kept happy). This kind of competitive "public servant" mentality would in and of itself develop into a meta game, without taking anything away from the overall gameplay experience of the server population (actually enriching it).

Furthermore, this funtion of leadership could potentially be utilized as a COST EXTERNATIALIZATION MECHANISM for server administration purposes, if you really wanted to go crazy, but at this point I'm just throwing ideas out there...

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Re: Integrated UI Leadership Rating System

I like this, peer-review of leadership fills an important gap that most statistical data can't fill.

Such a system should be simple and support positive support only (downvotes or negative reviews can be abused and should be avoided).

The ability to *star* (aka Up-vote) a squad leader for good performance would be simple and easy.

To prevent 'star parties' and other forms of circlejerk, there should be a time requirement of 15 to 30 minutes before you can give a star. Perhaps the game could even prompt you when this happens, to encourage use of the system. Stars between players in the same outfit should be tallied separately.

There shouldn't be any reward or bonus to high-star leaders, it should be an indicator by itself of your outstanding performance.
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