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Cool 18 and Under Outfit

This outfit will be on the CONNERY server ( connery new meta).

Our website is The Minors
Officers will be determined from the first group to join. The requirements will be listed on the website once we get off to the running, but there will definitely be room for leadership.
About this outfit:

This outfit will be for teenagers. I may look to open it up to College students in the future, but I doubt to many people will be thrilled to play with such a young crowd other than ourselves.This outfit will be infantry based ( meaning that the main focus will be infantry) but there will of course be times were we pull tanks and fly ( I'm and amateur pilot myself) We will be there to hold down points and flank the Commies/Scientists. There WILL be organization. If you can't follow orders to a T then this won't be the outfit for you. The best way to have organization is through communication. Mic's will NOT be required, but they will be HEAVILY advised upon. The outfit shouldn't be too big as I doubt there are that many gamers in my target playerbase, but a platoon's worth is good enough. The outfit will be a testament to how good minors can be. Our community will be strong and we will be competitive. This outfit will be strict during our op times, but have no fear. We will of course have fun during non ops times and share many lols.

There will be 2 things that will be grounds for an immediate ban.

1) Disrespect of another member: TKing on purpose, Using derogatory words as insults ( i'm not talking about calling someone a noob after they crash during a training or something, i'm thinking about calling someone bad because of their) K/D.

2) Disrespecting another outfit: This is pretty obviously wrong. There are a few outfits that have some players that talk trash. This won't be one of them. Being kids will already be enough to make people dislike us, but no one's going to want you talking **** about them being bad or stupid. Have some respect ( not to mention this will more than likely be a showing of you being immature).

As of now there's no outside communications program (Teamspeak,Mumble,etc) but in the future there will be.

Public squads will be ran for recruitment purposes so if you're interested pop in and check it out.


1) Mature
2) Teenager
3)BR 25+ ( can easily be worked around)
4)Mic (can easily be worked around)
5) Application on website

Special Events:

There will be a few special events that I think will make the community tight. The first will be a meeting with all the newbies. This is for all the new members to get assimilated to the outfit. Stories will be shared. Laughs will be had. And bonds will be made.

There will also be the usual OP's nights. Times for ops nights will need to be determined but ops will more than likely take place on saturdays/sundays as the weeks will more than likely involve our lives outside of gamine.We will meet up in a warpgate for OP's night and have a brief chat before loading up in gals and head to our objectives.


Test will be fairly simple in concept. There will only be 2 and only of these test will be acceptance related. One will be a maturity test. This is simply to do the "weeding out" process correctly and fairly. You will be put in a squad with members of the outfit as well as me. (when officers are made they will be in charge of this) You will play with us for a couple of days and we will see how mature you are. Can you follow orders? Do you talk over leaders? Can you be asked to be quiet and follow through with that?

The other test will be an experience test. Do you know how to enter buildings properly? Do you use cover properly? Do you pile into doorways or remain on the outside? This test will NOT change your acceptance. It will be more useful to figure out what type of trainings that will be had. Speaking of which....


As of now trainings will be every other Saturday starting hopefully around 4 and ending around 5:30( though this is very tentative) They will have one focus and the ending will be some live practice of this focus. For example, we might focus on communication one day and work on calling out targets properly and knowing what has priority and what doesn't. We would then move to the live server and try this out in a actual combat.

Contacting Me:

You can find me in game at Mkgrider23. Interest in the outfit can be shown by simply posting below. There will be a website after the founding members are together and the name is chosen. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Smile Re: 18 and Under Outfit

hey i see you guys dont have teamspeak 3 i would like to offer my service to help you with the clan. im 21 years old and i play on east server
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