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Old 2003-06-04, 02:55 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Official PS Wish List (sticky maybe?)

Alright folks for a couple days now i've been writting up articles for a planetside page I felt that while i'm putting up mine and others misc. ramblings why not get a consolidated list of ten things. The PSU community whould like to see implemented in the game. Once per week I'll be running a seperate poll, yes or no, on whether the idea should be added to the consolidated list. The number i'm going for for the list will be 10-15 items long so not every entry will make the cut. I hope this will encourage people to vote yes on items they feel really strongly for.

The new items placed up for vote will be solicited from suggestions which I apreciate you sending to [email protected]. Suggestions i see tmany of in a similar vein/concept i will be posting

A few ground rules.

1. I promise to keep editorializing to a minimum, I will correct things for run-on, and consolidate very similar ideas to the best of my ability. That's the extent of my controll on the process.

2. Please keep the entries as concise as possible. If detail is required feel free to provide it but try and remember that this will be an all or nothing yes or no kind of deal.

3. Piggybacking off the above, please limit yourself to one stand alone idea per entry.

4. Discussion/debate is more then welcome in the replies but please try and keep it civil this is just a personal thing of mine.

5. Please do not submit ideas to nerf certain weapons/vehicles etc. We're looking for ideas that help the game as a whole and/or enrich the play experience.

6. Try to remember ease of implimentation in your ideas. It's a lot simpler to implement a change in the exp code as opposed to changes on every continent requiring us to download them all again. Having said that if you feel your idea is just that good this is a wish list so feel free to punch it in and send it off.

Thanks for the read it'll be intresting to see how this plays out.
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Old 2003-06-04, 03:42 AM   [Ignore Me] #2

Some ideas...

Heavy tanks

2 seater fighter plane or higher cert upgrade to mosquito

Artillery e.g. collapsable field gun/howitzer/morter/MLRS vehicle

Wider variety of terrain and base design (e.g. perhaps a cave complex to assault)

Wider variety of combat engineeered emplacements e.g. flak guns / grenade launchers / radar towers and radar jammers.

Naval units needed for assault of island/underwater bases (probably expansion pack to include special water maps)

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Old 2003-06-04, 06:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #3

these are random wishes, some, not very good. but here i go.

1. some type of portable gaitling (or very powerful) gun. you cant fire it when moving though. when you want to use it, you must place it on the ground, then fire. then when you want to move, pick it up, and move the gun somewhere else.

2. slightly destructable buildings/terrain/boxes. it would be cool to be able to blow away boxes and stuff, and blow through enemy walls. (having to use special "TNT" to do that tho) this would make it easier for the attack to get into the base, and harder for the defense, making them work harder.

i have other...but i cant think right now. i got school soon...
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Old 2003-06-04, 07:12 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
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1.) Quality AA guns on base walls. I don't know how many times my squad could've taken down a Gal but we don't have any weaponry to hit that high. (AA MAX range only goes so far.)

2.) New bunker/wall layout. Poorly placed, no point if poorly placed.

3.) A kind of "jamming" device against homing missles. Maybe on MAXs or buggies/assult buggies, it could be an implant or an in-board thing. If it was implmented it could maybe slow the vechile a little? Just for balancing purposes.

Well that's all my ideas I can't wait to see some more.
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Old 2003-06-04, 08:01 AM   [Ignore Me] #5

Ill get to the wishes, but first off.

We have heavy tanks. The Vanguard, Prowler, and Magrider are heavy tanks. The Lightning is a light tank.

Radar towers have come in the form of Motion Sensors, not sure were your going with that. And do to the limited range of those, im not sure why radar jammers would be needed.

If we made destructable terian, it would probally take about an hour for the sanctuaries to become a wasteland, and about 2 days for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Rofl, portable gattling gun that has to be "planted" somewhere to be truely powerful? You mean the TR DC max right?

For positves, i think a powerful AA battery could be added to the roof of the base. Just one, right in the center. Slow firing, automated at over 250m and takes awhile to get into and out of. Very vunerable to ground fire and enemy engineers. Damage out put should be somewhere around 2 shots for a misquito, 3 for a reaver, 10 for a galaxy(with a 2 second delay between firing). Good idea there.

Instead of jamming device (which would be overused and unfair) we could add a box of counter measures to each vehicals trunk. These would have mabey alittle of 50% chance to intercept the missles inbound on you. 10 per box, and 5 used per shot, with the box being the same size as anyvehical ammo. Ground vehicals could have a gattling gun which would act in the same way, shooting down incoming missles. Both would be activated by the driver, and have the same chance of getting the missle. Ground vehicals should have more ammo though, as they dont have afterburner.

My ideas.

Id like to see a long range version of the jammer grenade. A shoulder mounted version that wouldnt do damage but could seriously screw with vehical controls (make them sluggish), drain max capasitors(in the TR case freeze them in either lock down, or just standing), and temporarily disable wall turrets. Becuase it does no damage, i doubt it would be widly used until atleast the reinforced stage. I think this could also be used to disable any "guided" weapons, decloak cloakers (possible grief here) and disable terminals. This should not home in, and have at most 3 shots per clip. Effects should stack though. Meaning 3 shots on the same target keeps them affected 3 times longer.
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Old 2003-06-04, 08:58 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
PSU Admin
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Good thread

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Old 2003-06-04, 09:07 AM   [Ignore Me] #7
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Wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of MAXs could join together to create a heavy assault vehicle? Like transformers!
But seriously, I think massive wars should be more organized. One of the reasons I purchased this game to join the massive wars, squads communicating with each other formulating strategies to flank the enemy, massive groups of prowlers sweeping the land, all 3 empires converging over one base in one, huge, WAR.
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Old 2003-06-04, 09:14 AM   [Ignore Me] #8
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I'd like to see a deployable heavy machine gun that would take two people too deploy/move, plus quite a few of ammo runners no doubt. It would use the 20mm ammo boxes. How it would work is one player places down a tripod mount, which would be the only place you could deploy the actual machine gun, except perhaps base walls. Each piece should be the size of a heavy assault or AV weapon and you should not be able to carry both of them at one time, you should be able to vary the height its deployed at (possibly with the aircrafts up/down keys) not to much, but enough to keep from getting stuck shooting only a railing on a tower. The gun itself would be fairly tough, and take just under two decimator shots to kill, and the gunner should be vulnerable to fire, although it should have a ballistic shield in the front, and as such would require quite a bit of infantry support. I think you should be knelt down when you use it.

Bah, im starting to ramble on and I doubt this would be practical, but I think it could be very cool, provided it doesn't end up being like BF1942s machine guns.
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Old 2003-06-04, 09:55 AM   [Ignore Me] #9
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The only changes I see needed are:

New Base Maps/Layouts. Completely different than ones in game, such as a base with only 1 main entry and 1 side door, and one with 3 main entries no side door, etc. The basic layout is the same in all bases, and it would be nice to see some changes there.
A couple AA guns on base (+ones there already)
A couple cannons (AV) on Base (as alt fire on ones there already?)

AA: Give the AA Maxs a +30% Dmg vs Air
AV: Give AV weapons (non max) a + 10% Dmg vs Tanks
Chain Gun: Decrease Cof for light Burst fire by 30%, COF grows very fast after light bursts. (and this coming from a NC guy)

Skeeter: Give it a +30% Dmg vs Air
Reaver: Leave alone after other changes above
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Old 2003-06-04, 11:30 AM   [Ignore Me] #10

Ok, read the Sony descriptions again. We have light tanks and medium tanks we do not yet have heavy tanks but I am sure they will come (Games Workshop Dreadnoughts anyone?). My guess is this game is going to get much more dangerous weaponry as it develops. Lots of descriptions mention only light (e.g. fighters) and medium which makes me think the developers will eventually release some much nastier heavy stuff as the game progresses which will require a lot of certs to attain and several people to operate them. Oh and the current anti-vehicle weaponry won't cut-it vs. a slow moving heavy tank so you are gonna need deployable field guns... which can best be taken out by bombers, artillery etc etc. At least I hope that is the way this game is gonna go.

Radar towers have come in the form of motion sensors but due to the LIMITED RANGE.

Radar towers would have much bigger range. I dont know if you ever played Total Annihilation on-line but if you did you would know what I am talking about. Radar and radar jamming plays a huge tactical part particularly once you introduce artillery and other long range weaponry into the game.

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Old 2003-06-04, 11:59 AM   [Ignore Me] #11

1.) a medic-marker on the map so you know where to go for healing

2.) an armor repairing kit for non-engineers, much like the med pack restores a little health

that's all I can think of now...
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Old 2003-06-04, 12:01 PM   [Ignore Me] #12
Thumbs up


The one thing that I would love to see added, well two things.

One would be to get some navel-related vehicles. With Navel would come submarine related vehicles and have some under-water bases would be great.

My second thing would be to fix the water. I think its for one, too blockly and second, when your under the water - its pitch dark. I don't know about SOE, but when I go swimming I can see where I am and where to walk, in PS I cannot. Since that water looks like its from the Bahamas - make it perform like it was from the Bahamas.

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Old 2003-06-04, 12:33 PM   [Ignore Me] #13
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i think that there should be something BESIDES the ANT thats free for like quick transport. no guns, no armor, just speed.

also i think there should be a plane thats better than the mosquito but not as good as a reaver...umm escort craft is wat it would be most likely.

and although it would probably cause crashes at first cause everybody would want to go there, but some kind of airbase that can only be accsesd by planes. i think itd make air fighting more than, see enemy air, stop, he stops, both of you shot till ammo runs out, both of u run past eachother while you both reload, repeat till someones dead.

also the naval ideas rock.
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Old 2003-06-04, 01:24 PM   [Ignore Me] #14
Sergeant Major

I don't have the game so some of these things may actually be in the game already but I'd like to see...

1. A railgun
Like in Eraser, it would have an X-Ray scope and could shoot through walls. This would be kinda overpowered so it should be limited to 1 wall max. It would be best used to disable MAXs and other Vehicles. You could use the X-Ray scope to target the driver, and then disable the vehicle by killing the driver (Thus not blowing up a perfectly stealable vehicle ). It would have a very long reload time, and have to reload after each shot. I just think that snipers should have more choice in weapon, and be able to stop MAXs!

2. Those Hot Anti-Missile things
I dunno what they're called, I think Chaff grenades, but when an air vehicle has a lock on, by Terran AA, they could be released by the pilot to lure the missile away (I think it's heat seeking)

3. Motorbikes (I just love mentioning them!)
Extremely Quick, Nimble and available to all armours (Except MAX) the motorbikes could be used in a group (Which is pretty pointless) or used by Combat Medics/Engineers/Snipers who tend to work alone, or have to go quickly from battle to battle. You should be able to look to the left and right and have the ability to shoot a pistol/suppressor, but you wouldn't be able to turn the bike whilst shooting. If you crash, you will recieve a lot of damage and be thrown off the bike.

4. (If not already in game) Flashbangs/Stun Grenades
Like in counter-strike, a blinding flash makes it impossible to see or navigate for a short while

5. Parachute Drops
People with Standard/Agile/Infiltration armour should be able to parachute from galaxies into battle.

Just my ideas!
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Old 2003-06-04, 05:21 PM   [Ignore Me] #15
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Originally posted by Sp3ctre
5. Parachute Drops
People with Standard/Agile/Infiltration armour should be able to parachute from galaxies into battle.
I think we already have those, "Hot Drops". The naval ideas are really good I think, and maybe have a certain vechile that can cross the oceans to other continents? It would of course hold alot, have a bit of weaponry, but it would cost a crazy amount of certs, perhaps 10? Either way, I really just hope they add naval weapons/bases to the game.
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