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Old 2012-08-14, 03:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Question about "loadouts"

Are you able to save different loadouts for same class? or do you have to change things manually everytime you need to "spec" for some other job you need to do?
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Re: Question about "loadouts"

In the orginal PS they gave you about 10 slots which you could save with any armor and gear. They all could be the same except 1 item if that's what you wanted or completely different.
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Re: Question about "loadouts"

ohh.. fast answer. That sounds a good system. I hope/think there should really be something like that because of all the customization they bring in the table.

again thanks for quick reply
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Re: Question about "loadouts"

Here's a bit more info from the PS2 Info thread if you haven't seen it yet:

• What is the class system? The class system in Planetside 2 is a bit of a misnomer. It is not as free-form as the original load-out system of Planetside, but it is not as restrictive as other shooters. When you spawn, you can choose a different set of certs for that life and you are forced into that role until you die or access an equipment terminal. There appear to be restrictions such as a deeply specialized medic will not be able to access heavy assault weapons, and classes with jetpacks will not have access to heavier armor or weapons.
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Re: Question about "loadouts"

i believe they have mentioned repeatedly that they will have a system to save a certain loadout so that you could make a A class customized for day fighting and another of night fights.
dont know if they have it implemented yet or not. or how many slots per class there will be.
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