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Post The Blazers First Strike Infantry

(This outfit is for Connery server only)
My outfit, The Blazers First Strike Infantry, is a new outfit, and I will be blatantly honest from the beginning: it is not for everybody (but please feel free to join and at least try it out). I personally am a military nut (no I don't obsess over guns, or tanks, or whatnot), and therefore, my outfit is following a military layout. Meaning you have to earn your rank of private, then member, then officer. Be warned, it is not easy.

The outfit WILL be a fun and rewarding outfit, however, you are expected to follow a few rules while you're in. The rules aren't complicated, and there are only a few.
  1. No bullying, harassing, spamming, belittling, promoting (of YouTube channels or related) in the chat or in the game itself. (Failure to follow that rule will result in automatic kick, regardless of rank or time spent in the outfit). Go do that elsewhere where people actually care. Also, no friendly fire or intentional sabotage. I understand that sometimes people walk in front of your fire, and that is totally fine. But killing 3 team members within 5 minutes is not, and you will be demoted (or kicked).
  2. Follow ranks. As I said, I follow a real military layout. If you are a recruit, and a private tells you to do something (provided it isn't total suicide or unrelated to the game/battle), you do it. Failing to follow will not get you kicked out or demoted (if you repeatedly refuse, you might be demoted), but you probably won't be listened to when you ask somebody else what to do later on.
  3. As mentioned multiple times above, this is overall meant to be a fun outfit, not a tyrannical dictatorship. If you have questions, please ask them, and you will be helped. If you have suggestions, please voice them, they will be taken into consideration. If you have complaints, please ask for my email and you will get it, and I will read and reply to them.
  4. (this rule applies only to officers, who have the ability to promote and kick members) If you are an officer and you invite a good friend of yours to the outfit, that is perfectly fine, and I am okay with it. If you promote your rank 65 friend to the outfit, and the next day he is an officer alongside you, that is NOT okay. You will BOTH be demoted to a member if this happens. Likewise, if you are an officer, and somebody you dislike for any reason joins the outfit, and they are a member, you CANNOT demote them without significant reasoning. Significant reasons means: If they directly disobey orders 10 or more times (and even that is questionable), if they team-kill multiple times and are weapon locked, if they "accidentally" pin your vehicle behind theirs and refuse to move it (again, this must happen multiple times). Demoting for any other reason is unacceptable.

Those are the only 4 rules I have. Of course, they probably will change, a rule or 2 might be removed, or more added to as time goes on, but hey, I can't help but to perfect it.

For those interested, the outfit name is
[NBRG] The Blazer

Specialization is:
Combined Arms

Classifications is:


As of November 23rd, 2014, the prerequisites to joining are:
  • Any rank can join, from 0-100 (or 1-100? Lol)
  • No special talents needed
  • A sense of humor. Seriously, I joke around quite a bit and if you can't take a joke once in awhile, it's gonna be hard fitting in.

The promotion scale (the prerequisites to be promoted from recruit to private, private to member, and member to officer) are as follows:
  • Recruit -> Private: Reaching rank 15 automatically enables you to be promoted to private. Showing signs of talent (placing in the top 15 in a battle, piloting a mosquito and destroying 2 or 3 tanks without (or before) dying, etc) warrants you the opportunity to a promotion.
  • Private -> Member: Reaching rank 30 automatically enables you to be promoted to a member. Showing significant signs of talent will warrant a promotion also. This means placing top 3 in a battle, very high K/D records, significant investments into the game (must show proof by screenshotting whatever you purchased, and emailing the screenshots to me), or showing significant bravery/heroism in a battle (for example, single handedly destroying 2 sunderers and a MBT while on foot or in your own MBT, or piloting a mosquito and destroying a fleet of MBT's or sunderers or even infantry, or anything of significant value)
  • Member -> Officer: Probably the hardest promotion to obtain, an officer has to meet not 1, not 2, but 3 prerequisites to be promoted. The first prerequisite is a rank of 60 or higher. Rank 60 is the minimum, but not the preferred. So if you met all other requirements listed below, and are rank 60, you will probably not be promoted unless another officer is heavily needed. Rank 70+ is preferred. The 2nd prerequisite, is placing top 2 in more than 5 battles. (Placing number 2 for 5 battles in a row is perfectly fine), and lastly, very significant talent must be displayed multiple times. This prerequisite is flexible. If you were promoted each time beforehand by displaying significant talent, I will likely promote you without you needing to meet this requirement. However, if you were promoted each time beforehand by rank, you must meet this requirement. Please read the other 2 rank promotion prerequisites for examples of significant talents.
  • Officer -> Leader: More than likely, there will only be 3 leaders (at most), who will be handpicked by me personally. I will not share the requirements to become a leader, as there are simply too many, and they are too complicated. The only requirement I will share is that the leaders must be rank 100.


As mentioned above 1,000,001 times, I follow real military layouts. This means that I, as a leader, CANNOT tell a recruit what to do. If I did, the recruit has full authority to disobey me and not be punished. If I want a recruit to do a certain thing (say, for example, to spawn a MBT and cover me while I drive a sunderer to a hotspot), I must tell the officer that particular command. The officer then tells the member. The member tells the private. The private tells the recruit. The recruit then spawns the MBT. This also applies the same, going backwards. If a recruit has an opinion, a complaint, or whatever, he tells his commanding private. The private tells his commanding member. The member tells his officer. The officer tells me. I relay my response back down the chain of command.

Now, you're probably saying "this is a horrible idea. During a large battle, nothing will be achieved, because everyone will die before they get their orders sent down the chain, or their suggestions sent up the chain." My response is quite simple: That layout will likely not be followed during a large battle. If it is a large battle, everyone in that battle is the same in my eyes. A private could directly order me to change class to a light assault and flank the enemy, and I'll probably listen to him. Same going backwards. In a firefight, the layout will likely be ignored, as it is indeed, time consuming.


Last thing I need to mention. For anybody wondering as to what I said above about how a recruit must report to a private, a private reports to a member, and so on. Depending on how large the outfit gets, because many people will likely be accepted everyday, and a few kicked everyday, a recruit will have no authority over anybody. A recruit cannot tell another recruit what to do, etc. A private will likely only have authority over 10 or so recruits. A member will have authority over 10-15 privates, and an officer will have authority over 5-10 members. Now, if the outfit grows to have, say, 250 members, then a private could have authority over 25-30 recruits, a member over 15-20 privates, and an officer over 30-35 members.


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Good idea

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