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Old 2003-09-26, 09:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
Sergeant Major
BuzzCutPsycho's Avatar

Wonder why they changed the mortars damage radius? damage fine, but radius is kinda shitty.
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Old 2003-09-26, 09:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
Master Sergeant

Stacking plasma damage w00t!!! Now the comet can actually kill stuff! Oh god this has to be the best patch they've thought of!
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Old 2003-09-26, 11:58 PM   [Ignore Me] #18
Major General
Indecisive's Avatar

Spork, I only have one complaint about the patch:

refering to the thresher, it being bumped up to 100 for a clip, its going to run out of ammo hella fast. It already is only good for like 5 minutes before it runs out, and with this new patch its going to be even worse.

Have you considered making the trunk bigger, or increassing the rounds per box? Thanks

- a worryed Mountain Goat piolet.
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Old 2003-09-27, 01:45 AM   [Ignore Me] #19
Master Sergeant

Well, technically, it is now holding 75 more rounds of ammo in the long run, but i understand what you're saying. It probably would need more ammo per box, since it would take the most shots to kill (i also think they need to increase quasar's ammo box to 100).
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Old 2003-09-27, 05:28 AM   [Ignore Me] #20
Sergeant Major
bryan25's Avatar

I like all changes except reaver change cuzz im big reaver pilot. If you make clip size smaller then can you atleast make the realod a bit faster cuzz it takes quit a bit.
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Old 2003-09-27, 07:48 AM   [Ignore Me] #21

My reaver cert is out the window, my striker cert is out the window.

Way to force TR out the window.

Spork so which continent do you play NC on?
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Old 2003-09-27, 08:31 AM   [Ignore Me] #22
First Lieutenant
Nimbus's Avatar

*hugs his lightning*
*signature eaten by feral snails*
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Old 2003-09-27, 08:38 AM   [Ignore Me] #23
Lieutenant General
Infernus's Avatar

the striker really aint that bad... have you actually seen the changes live? So what you have to wait to get a lock on, well uh shouldn't it be that way... So what your rockets do a little less damage, so instead you put out 5 instead of three... I'm not seeing much bad about it... they are making it fit the TR way, quantity over quality. Our weapons should have been based on high rate of fire with lots of ammo and low damage from the beginning.

Last edited by Infernus; 2003-09-27 at 11:24 AM.
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Old 2003-09-27, 04:00 PM   [Ignore Me] #24

I think this truly may be the last straw for me.....I may be done with PS.

I'm tired of the re-balancing of the weapons and this passes for the developers actually doing something to earn my $13/month. To me, the weapons balancing should have been done in beta and be set. Every time weapons are rebalanced someone else whines and we go through the whole thing again. It's just silly.

Why can't Sony focus on bug fixes and new ideas instead of this??

I'm at BR20 and CR5..........nothing left to accomplish.
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