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Old 2015-02-24, 11:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Higby resigning.. SOE dying? no.. that was not this intent. This is Duke.

First off, new comers (being those pre-2003), you should be ashamed for not fighting me even if I WAS right... I am by NO means the smartest person here and you bastards should have beat me down with logic, numbers and analytics.

With THAT said... Higgs gave up?! Still being on the top of the free to play list on Steam?!

Planetside 2 might be a TDM but it takes US to make it not... Why do you think they were coming to public and semi-unregulated forums for ideas, feedback and fucking feedback?

I stayed away because I am absurdly overly compulsive about this game and I knew it would go left but FUCK... To change their fucking name and make people leave?! No..

Fuck no...

You sons of bastards have to come together...

We have new generation people here... We have old generation people here... Surely to Jesus Christ we can get Higby back......

as MUCH as I disagreed with the flow of Planetside 2, they TOOK IT and they had the balls to make it something different, something absolutely beautiful and very much potential for more....

You... Us..... We.... The collective... the fucking nazi's if need be... cannot give up on this...

You all know how fucking hardcore I was against the lack of LLU's? You remember how MUCH I BITCHED that this wasn't planetside 1? you are going to have to fucking fight for this if you want it... and maybe you dont..

maybe you are all social fucking gamers who gives no fuck about loyalty. Maybe I'm just sincerely fucking stupid for letting this be one of the most provoking IP's that drove me through a fucking brain tumor...


You can give up hope on SOE (fucking wtf is daybreak gaming...)

You can stop giving a fuck...

You can stop being loyal ....


I will fight for this mother fucking shit until Higby is back, until Planetside 2 becomes what it CAN be... And I'll DO IT ALONE AGAIN if I fucking have to.

You are not allowed to Judge me for 2 years, to fight me on every decision that I KNOW to be wrong... Then fucking give up on SOE after supporting them....

I'm a horrible fucking spokesperson and I'm completely unmotivational but by God I am right..

I need you guys to start fighting.... This is the end........

It's not or fucking never.

I always got drunk and done the youtube thing.. I'm 17 months sober and still doing the youtube thing..........................


Because on repeat... Maybe it'll make you numbskull bastards see a glimpse of what im trying to say.
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