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Old 2012-06-26, 10:22 AM   [Ignore Me] #31
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Re: Azure Twilight

Originally Posted by IronMole View Post
Want to be bad at PS/PS2?

Want to be bad at trolling? HIT CAPS LOCK and join Ironmole on the TR

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
As an old school VS CR5 I've had more experience of AT than most and in my mind they are a Jekyll and Hyde Outfit. They can lurch from being one of the most effective groups in the game to one of the most frustrating in the blink of an eye. Some times you'll see 3 galaxies light up your mini map and know they're about to save the day and sometimes you'll watch them mess about on an empty continent for hours training while the VS are losing ground. At the top their leadership is first class. Francko is an excellent man-manager and, more importantly, an excellent man. They also have first class officers in Kytten and Nobel.

I hope we find ourselves on the same Server as AT in PS2.

Thanks Dart. I understand you find the training thing frustrating, but those 3 galaxies wouldn't appear on your mini-map and save the day without it. It works in swings and roundabouts at times.

AT's upper management is all fantastic. We have wonderful officers who've been with the outfit for years. DargoTrox is one of the best leaders on the battlefield. He can predict with accuracy where the fight is going to turn and where we should be. Beekergunship is a fantastic aircav officer. I know gulfy32 has been managing (and commentating on) our current multi-streams on TwitchTV, he's a great guy and fantastically funny. Every officer we have brings a punch to the mix and I love them all.

And then we have the loyal and wonderful Veterans - Too many to name but AT wouldn't function without them.

Also as for finding the same server in PS2 I will inbox you to let you guys at DT know about the next VS meeting we have and when it will be.
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Old 2012-06-26, 10:51 AM   [Ignore Me] #32
Re: Azure Twilight

Greetings all.

What we have said for 9 years is that the Azure Twilight is not for everyone. If you want to work as a team and be a part of something that is much bigger than yourself, then you are very likely to enjoy AT. If you want to be part of a community that is accepting of everyone and will not tolerate hate, you have found the right outfit.

If you are focused only on yourself and consider anyone/anything different than you to be bad/lame, then AT is not for you.

Over these 9 years we have welcomed every single player into AT that has wanted to try it out. I strongly believe that everyone should play Planetside in EXACTLY the manner they prefer. But if you don't want to follow our rules then you'll need to join a different outfit. That's why there's more than one outfit.

What we would never do, is criticize your outfit or play-style. We will continue to respect you and your right to enjoy Planetside as you wish regardless of how you treat us.

See you Planetside.
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Old 2012-06-26, 11:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #33
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Re: Azure Twilight

AT has provided me with thousands of easy kills over the years when I play NC or TR. I strongly recommend AT to any terrible gamer out there who wants to be surrounded by more terrible gamers. Incoming BAD Units!
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Old 2012-07-07, 09:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #34
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Re: Azure Twilight [NA]

I would personally like to thank Azure Twilight for handing me my MAX buster streaks on a platter.
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Old 2012-07-19, 03:09 PM   [Ignore Me] #35
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Re: Azure Twilight [NA]


I left this outfit, when I grasped the mechanics of PS1 and got tired of dying and went to play TR.

This outfit is fine if you are a beginner, in fact I encourage All people who are knew to Planetside to join this outfit. You will get a feel for the game and they will help you. You might get kills if that's what you want, since this outfit is a magnet for trouble, everything that has been said already, its fun - however-

The main gripe I had with this outfit back in the day is that they ( or the "elites" )believe in "quantity over quality" (still do apparently I heard) Your individual skill is meaningless and you will forever stay a mobile meat-shield directed to wherever you are told in hopes that the objective is completed. This is evident by the recruitment process, since they just allow anyone in without a trail period or applications. A person can be banned from this outfit and just make an alt and jump right in. This outfit lacks discipline.

Imagine being in a room and there is only one enemy there, how many people do you think it takes to kill that one guy? In AT apparently you need 100. Ops leaders will get frustrated because new recruits do not know the same basic procedure and ruins the flow of those you may already know. Its mind blowing after jumping in the game after all this time they still do not have divisions for this organized zerg and still use the same tired tactics over and over again. If you are planning to improve your individual skills and already know the ropes to the game, I do not advise this outfit since it greatly hinders growth.

Just because you have a large army does not mean that will win battles for you. Look at the The Battle of Cannae, when the Romans outnumbered the Carthaginians, back then their training and their equipment were very effective something we all know about the Romans, however that did not help them when the Carthaginians slaughtered them, in this case their numbers were used against them(also superior tactics) and AT is not different. Can't tell you how many times we are pushing into a BD and a shitload of maxes come out of nowhere hitting mines, getting OSED and cluttering the hallways with their dead bodies only for the few who actually made it to the spawns or gen to be half dead and be easily picked off. Lets not forget how several newbie AT squads can walk into a room to get mauled by fewer and more skilled NC/TR -we've all seen it.

Not sure what Azure Twilght are planning for PS2 but I'm sure they will stream it for everyone to see. However one thing is certain, if you are VANU and playing PS1/PS2 for the first time this outfit should be mandatory, think of it as going to a public school, you are learning the basics and getting ahead, but eventually, soon, its time to go to college and get a job.
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Old 2012-07-29, 01:01 PM   [Ignore Me] #36
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Re: Azure Twilight [NA]

Originally Posted by Kytten View Post
If you are interested in signing up then please feel free to log onto our forums, sign up and say hello or jump in game, join an Azure Twilight squad and ask for an invite.
Hey Kytten you might want to update your primary post to present the link to the website in a better more prevalent showing. I was looking over your thread and because of the way links are done on this site I totally missed it.

Might help with recruitment. Will defiantly help with traffic to the site for people that just want to check you out.
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Old 2012-08-01, 08:59 AM   [Ignore Me] #37
Re: Azure Twilight [NA]

I was active in Azure Twilight from 2005-2007, I stopped playing mainly because I joined the U.S. Army. After all these long years I am getting out in about 10 months so I would like to pick up where I left off in the outfit. I checked my account on the AT forums and I was able to log in with my old email and password, which is amazing. I just wanted to say that I won't be available for the beta (I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan) but I will be when the game actually comes out. Anyways its really amazing to see that the outfit is still doing well. If Francko reads this well Thanks for creating such a great outfit, if not then give him my regards.

Sincerely PopeyesChicken (yes that was my name on Planetside 1)
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Old 2012-08-02, 05:29 AM   [Ignore Me] #38
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Re: Azure Twilight [NA]

Well I come from Eve Online and I'm relatively new to this Planetside business and I was recommended to you guys from an IRC chat. When it comes to loyalty and discipline those are key elements you'll find with me. I cant assure you i'll join you guys 100% as im trying to convince my friends to leave TR and go Vanu but hopefully we can fly together in beta.

To pass the time waiting for beta I play League of Legends, Skyrim, and occasionally Dota 2.

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Old 2012-08-06, 05:42 PM   [Ignore Me] #39
Re: Azure Twilight [NA]

I played Planet Side 1 with AT (99Problems CR5 BR20) and loved it. My Favorite moments where the Mag nights as I was mainly a Mag driver. I will be returning for PS2 and hope to rejoin my AT comrades!
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