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PSU: how do planets have sides?
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Corporal Conn
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Reporting for Duty!

Corporal Conn, Reporting for Duty Sir!
Afternoon, everyone.

My name is Conn, Corporal Conn. I'm known as Conn, or ConnP2 In-game. I'm a brand new player, and I've taken an extensive amount of time to get into Planetside 2. Interested in the large team-based and Competitive, player-driven battles and the general aspect of a never-ending war, finite resources, and influence, drove me towards what I am looking at as the best Free-to-Play game out there. Especially where there is more then just, "Its an FPS" insensitive to have you play.

Myself, my real name is Devin, I'm 14, I play Junior Varsity Basketball. I love computers, I used to be an avid Counter-Strike player, and a professional Call of Duty Player and frequented Gamebattles Tournaments online, when I was only around the age of 9-12.

Fed up with the lack of support from developers, unpolished games, and the same recycled garbage year after year, that was hyped time and time again, I turned back to an old adversary - Planetside 2. Running at 15 FPS on minimal settings I was frustrated with the instantaneous deaths and repetitive, spawn - run for 10 minutes - die formula.

After building a new computer this Christmas and receiving a glorious Geforce GTX 970, I joined my Master-Race Brethren in what was a much more polished, enjoyable experience, 2 years later.

(And soon to be PS4 Cousins, not that there is cross-platform.)

I'm fairly good at Planetside 2 for a new player. I ranked up quickly and earned a variety of beginner medals and ribbons. Running with a small squad between it's Captain, his friend, and YouTube I've learned the basics. However I still have not been in a large battle, or truly attacked an enemy base. Nor felt the rush of dropping from a battleship to intercept enemy combatants on the battlefield.

I still search for ANY guides I can find, so if you have a wikipedia, YouTube Guide, or you want to personally help me out as I am looking to become more involved with PL2 - please post any links, resources, andor information below. Anything helps. (PS: Looking for a Commentator on YouTube that does a lot of Planetside, I've also watched Frankie's Video).

I'll leave you with some basic information regarding my character.

~ Conn


Terran Republic

Frequented Vehicle

Prowler Tank


Light Assault

Weapon, Primary


Weapon, Secondary

TX1 Repeater

Weapon, Meele


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Sexy Beast
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Re: Reporting for Duty!

Welcome to PSU!

Dragonwolves - Recruting Officer

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
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Re: Reporting for Duty!

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