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Old 2013-09-26, 09:22 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
Did they not say only OUTFIT MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE? So what your telling is ,because you guys play with these people in a alliance it makes it ok for you to break the rules???
Let me quote some clarification made by RCCC about this rule for you:

3.This rule was intended to stop outfits from pulling a number of "ringers" from whatever outfit to participate even if they don't normally play together.

We absolutely did not do that. We normally play together, the formality of an outfit invite does not change that.

(quote is from Torkz, here)

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
We were all told on the same day that beacons were allowed, the next day we had our guys on test getting br 10 so we would have our beacons. Which are a very tactical tool for infantry to have. So because you guys are slackers we were denied a very important part of our infantry tactics.
Our guys were told SOE could bump our people to level 10, then at the last second (when we had no time to do anything about it), they said "no wait, we can't". What would you expect us to do?

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
call it what you want, call me a poor sport, at least I play by the rules.
You are a poor sport, and we played by the same rules too. If you're too oblivious to understand the rules, don't blame it on us.

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
We are in a alliance too ,TTA . There are tones of pilots in our alliance that are much better in the air than me ,and if I knew it was ok to bring any player on our server than I would have been happy to sit back ,and give my spot to one of many ace pilots on Connery.But we play by the book, and if this was a real competitive match you would have been disqualified for cheating..... Thats all im saying...
Bringing 'any player on our server' that you don't actually play with, woudl have been against the rules. These are our guys, we've played with these guys for months. For the sake of whiny little girls, we added them to the outfit at the last minute to try to quell some of this retardation before it inevitably started. Apparently some people can't help themselves/

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
I wonder if the RCCC would rule it unfair that you guys brought in players from other outfits?
I don't know, why don't you ask them? I hope you do, so they can clarify the spirit of the rule for you (I quoted them above doing that already), and you can get this saltiness out of your system.

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