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Old 2004-04-10, 07:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Moniter problems or what?

I was playing fine the last two days. Im on all night and around a half an hour ago i got off and on again because of the computer getting a little jumpy for once. i got back in and after it slowly lagged more and more it stopped and i had to restart.(oh, this was after a first instance of itruning fine in game and then it slowing really badly in the middle of nowhere with no battles around and freezing completely and saying my connectoni was behind and it having me quit and it freezing up in the proccess. i had some other problems with it screwing with the computer going slowly after that and seemed to be the same issue as what caused ps to stop, but this time even after restarting etc. after a few times, i think,i restarted it again and got up and i looked back to see the moniter flashing really quickly(faster than normal becuase it usually does it somewhat slowly on start up before windows is loading(changing screen resolutions.)) and then going black. I turn the moniter off and wait a few seconds and turn it back on again. it didnt help. i then put the computer in shutdown mode(turned off) and i think didnt work. Then i think i turned it and the moniter off and it came back up fine, untill i opened ps that is and it wouldnt hold the change to the new screen size. i restarted a few more times and tried to open ps and finnaly go it to the the point where it let me select my character and hit play. It will now go to a black screen (like normal when it works) with the cursor on wait, and then try to change to the games final screen for the normal game interface. before this it always flashed the desktop on about 800x640 and then would bring me to whereever it would normally in the game. Any one have any ideas what the problem is. IM on XP now, are there any special things in it to do to correct something like this. I would change the refresh rate but i think its already on normal settings, or whatever the moniter chooses, i think. Anyone else run into this with a more normal moniter? IM hoping its a setting and not the moniter starting to not work. any previous experience with or known common problem with this in ps? Im wondering if it could be my proccessor spiking during the game start up stoping it from holding the new size somehow.

Edit: I was on all night the other two nights and off most of the day. So it was like many computers normal usage. Some times i cant get to the server screen or even get the starting logos. And the game is still running. I know because i can hear the music, so its definitely something stoping it from holding on the screen. After it does this it minimizes and returns to my desktop also, on all occasions (except when i can play obviously).

Edit: and at this paticular minute after i clicked on it on the taskbar to try to make it come back up, now that im on larger screen size than the games settings, its creating a whole in IEs windo and is showing the desktop.

I was originally playing on the largest screen size in game(the 1900 by 1400 something) with the windows size at 1600x1200. I then changed the games size to 1600x1200, also, earlier, for some small perfomance reasons. This is when it stopped working. i tried to get it to work while it was on this size and then changed the windows size to a larger one to see if it helped having it change to a smaller size going into the game, this is when i finally got into atleast selecting my character and hitting play. I have gotten that far a few times since on this setting, and after a few tries it has gone back to not even going that far again.

The whole in the IE window form the game also only lasts while i have the game up. It goes away instently the moment i shut it down in task manager.

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Old 2004-04-10, 10:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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1600x1200? i would set your resolution to your desktop size that may help, also if i doubt you would like your desktop at teh resolution what do you have it at? If your desktop refreshrate is up liek 85hrz then it may make the monitor not work at 1600x1200

I realy don't know and your typeing makse no scens try speading it out a bit and making things clearer

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Old 2004-04-10, 02:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Sorry. Its working now. Im back in the game. guess it just needed a brake. Works even better that it did before actually.
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