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Lightbulb General Weapon Suggestion Thread

I have thought up a few ways to simply fill out a few gaps I feel exist in the variety of weapons, for both Infantry and Vehicles.

First I feel there is a lack of long-range Anti-Tank options for infantry, I realised this as trying to lob rockets about half a kilometer at a column of tanks, the trajectory can just make it a bit of trial and error, and with the low rate of fire and large time to kill a tank, that makes a bad combination.

Secondly I feel that Liberators and Harassers lack a really effective dedicated Anti-Personnel weapon.

Overall I believe that the factions weapons, which were intended to be unique to ones faction, are just too similar, and that a more rock-paper-scissors approach should be encouraged. So I've come up with some more interesting and unique weapons to emphasize what each Empire is about.

So these new additions exist to provide more options for different situations and encourage evolving gameplay rather than everybody spamming the same type of weapon, which are very similar. So my other suggestions are based around making faction identity more important, granted the 'Heavy Weapons' do this quite effectively but their arsenal could be expanded to cover more classes.


Name: ATR-D Shark
Type: AT Rifle
Slot: Replaces the Heavy's Rocket Launcher
Gameplay Attributes: A semi-automatic (albeit slow-firing) Anti-Tank Rifle that can down a flash in one hit, an ESF in two, a Harasser in three, a Liberator or a Lightning in five and a MBT or a Galaxy in ten.
It features a high muzzle velocity and damage with a magazine capacity of 5 and a long reload time.
++High Accuracy
+High Damage
-Long Reload for a 5 round magazine
-Semi Automatic

Name: ACAC
Type: Carbine
Gameplay Attributes: A built-in compensator, low caliber bullets and advanced barrel design and rifling gives this a tiny amount of recoil coupled with high Accuracy, the low damage (10 body shots to kill, approx. 100 damage at 10m dropping to 80 beyond 10) means this gun is only really useful as a mid range bullet hose. It also features a 20 round magazine and high rate of fire on par with the Cycler TRV (850rpm), but is offset by a quick reload.
++Almost Negligible Recoil
+High Fire Rate
+Fast Reload
+High Accuracy
--Low Damage
--Small Magazine

Name: T9-CARV Quad Mount
Type: Harasser Primary / Liberator Tail Gun
Gameplay Attributes: I feel that the TR, who are characterised by high rate of fire weapons lack a fast-firing vehicle weapon. This would have an extreme rate of fire, but lack any damage to armored opponents, making the Harasser very effective against infantry but useless against armor. And being a quad mount, the bullet patterns would be somewhat unpredictable, resulting in a low accuracy.
++Extraordinary Rate of Fire
-No damage to armor

Name: P3 Grizzly 70mm HEAT
Type: Main Battle Tank (TR Prowler) Cannon (Primary)
Gameplay Attributes: Features 4 rounds to a magazine as opposed to the 2 rounds in the 120mm P2 Cannon. It has a higher fire rate and magazine size, with another round preloaded behind the first, but requires a smaller munition to make this possible.
++4 rounds to a magazine
-Lower damage
{EDIT} Alternatively, this could be the quad cannon Prowler [link]


Name: HGR-7 Rex
Type: Anti Tank Rifle
Slot: Heavy's Rocket Launcher slot
Gameplay Attributes: The HGR-7 Rex has a massive damage output, but can only chamber one bullet at one time, requiring a reload after every shot. But can down a flash or ESF in one shot, a Harasser in two, a Lightning in three and a MBT in 6. It's reloads would be short to counteract the single shot capability.
++Massive damage
+High Accuracy and Muzzle Velocity
+Short Reload
--Reload after every shot

Name: GD31B
Type: Battle Rifle
Gameplay Attributes: The GD31B is a double barreled battle rifle that fires both rounds at the same time, with a high damage and accuracy output, making it a very good medium range weapon. However it has a high recoil and a long reload for its 30 round magazine. Standard with a two shot burst fire mode.
++Double Barreled
++High Damage output
-High Recoil
-Long Reload

Name: Reaper Frag Missiles
Type: Harasser Primary / Liberator Tail Gun
Gameplay Attributes: The Frag Missiles fire bursts of high indirect-fire but low direct-fire dumb-fire rockets. They also feature a larger than usual indirect fire radius. Despite being Rockets, they do little damage against armored opponents. They have a low magazine size to compensate for their bursts of fire. (4 rounds)
+++High Indirect Fire Damage
+Above average Indirect Fire radius
-Low direct damage
-Low magazine size

Name: TITAN-20x6 Snapper Cluster Cannon
Type: Main Battle Tank (NC Vanguard) Cannon (Primary)
Gameplay Attributes: A purely anti-infantry weapon, useful to clear a massive infantry zerg and encourage accompanying an infantry zerg with an armored escort. Does little damage to vehicles (except flash and harasser) but explodes on contact into a cluster bomb.
++Cluster Bomb
+High Indirect Fire Damage
-Less Armor Piercing


Name: XZ-112 Vexillarius
Type: Anti-Tank Rifle
Gameplay Attributes: The Vexillarius fires plasma that can melt through armor, doing increased damage to armor but lower damage to infantry. It is a bolt-action rifle with a magazine of 3. Forms essentially the middleground between the NC and TR AT Rifles.
++Bonus Damage Multiplier versus armored
+High base damage
-Negative multiplier versus infantry

Name: Z-09 Starburst
Type: Carbine
Gameplay Attributes: The Starburst fires small plasmic projectiles whose projectiles will bend slightly to hit enemies nearby, this effect is only really effective at longer ranges. It will not actively seek enemies but will be magnetically attracted to them. It also causes a small explosion on contact with a low indirect fire radius and a low fire rate. The damage is a little below average, with approximately 100 direct fire damage and 25 indirect fire damage the direct fire drops to 80 direct fire beyond 10m. (direct and indirect fire stack)
++"Seeking" bullets
+Small explosion on contact
-Low rate of fire
-Below average damage

Name: VT Laser Cutter
Type: Harasser Primary/Liberator Tail Gun
Gameplay Attributes: The Laser Cutter is a constant-fire weapon, firing a constant beam of light at the target, doing low damage per 'hit' but with a constant damage. But due to this it uses alot of ammo/batteries.
+++Almost infinite rate of fire
++Damage is constant
+Armor Piercing (although does little damage)
-Uses lots of Ammo/Batteries
-Low damage per 'hit'

[EDIT] I wanted to put in a Magrider Primary, but I was fresh out of ideas.


Name: NSF-M1 Incinerator
Type: Flamethrower (Heavy Weapon)
Gameplay Attributes: Very short range, in fact is pretty much useless in long range, but can be very useful in clearing a room with its constant damage and high damage. Damage also persists for 3 seconds after the flamer has stopped burning or until a medic begins to heal the player. People have wanted a flamethrower for a while now.
+++Almost infinite rate of fire
++Damage is constant
+Damage persists
---Very short range
--Very inaccurate even at short ranges

Name: NSF-M1A2 Incinerator
Type: Flamethrower (MAX AI Weapon)
Gameplay Attributes: pretty much identical to NSF M1 Incinerator, but with a larger fuel supply and available to the MAX class.
>see above
+Large ammo supply

Name: NS-308 Ranger
Type: Compound Bow
Slot: Infiltrator Primary
Gameplay Attributes: A silent weapon with a high learning curve, and high damage. Low projectile velocity so a high trajectory. Potentially not the greatest of weapons, but allows a useful weapon for players with an excess of skill (a playerbase who I am unfortunately not a part of ) The damage will need to be a little unrealistically high to make it a viable option
++High Damage
-Difficult to use
-Low projectile velocity
-Low Rate of Fire

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Old 2014-08-20, 09:13 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
Re: General Weapon Suggestion Thread

Im surprised this thread didn't receive many replies.

Anyways, here's what I really like about this:
1. The AT Rifles. A glorious idea.
2. A NS Heavy Weapon.
3. A bow primary.
4. Something other than a shotgun for the NC.

What I dont really like:
1. The coupling of abnormally low damage for the VS with a low rate of fire. Makes no sense, its going to have a pathetic damage output even with a moderate rate of fire, why make it unusable?
2. Again, having a ten shot kill gun with only 850 RPM. This gun needs at least 1000 RPM to compensate for that. (even that is low damage output)
3. The AT rifles being overpowered. Same damage as a rocket launcher, but much, much easier to use. Just reduce the damage!
4. Not the most original names (Ranger, Reaper). Also why is TITAN in all caps? Typo?
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