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Old 2004-04-21, 04:06 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Do you guys hate BHO?

Yes. Everyone seems to despise BHO, even though we don't do anything bad. Sure, we're Vanguard obsessed, but you should be too, because Vangaurd+TS is one of the most deadly things in this game, assuming you have enough people to do your vangaurd drivers wpaired with people on TS too. Yes, i have somewhere between 300-400 greif points every time I play, but that's not my fault, people who charge that Mag/Prowler in their ReXo's deserve to get blown up. A well coordinated group of guys with some vangaurds is one of the most deadly things in the game. BHO does this all the time. Why the loathing?

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Old 2004-04-22, 09:15 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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omg get a life..
i have one for sale for 2.00$
wait a sec thats to good for you
go back to the Official forums where you belong WE DONT CARE ABOUT BHO!

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Old 2004-04-23, 01:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #3

Who are BHO ?
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Old 2004-04-25, 02:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Don't get me started on BHO!

I started an NC char, the moment I loaded up the sanc, I was greeted by broadcast spam from the infamous mike33... BHO RECRUITING! ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT! COME JOIN US!!! (etc, etc). I figured I'd see what all the fuss was about, so I joined.

Hopped on teamspeak and was greeted by a rabble of chatter and whining (OMG HOW DID HE KILL ME I R 1337!?"!) So I stuck around, and decided to see how they played tactics wise. Well, the platoon was randomly split around the map, with no organised groups, people were just doing there own thing. After getting to BR6 that day, I left the outfit and deleted my character, never to play NC Werner again.

You made a comment about grief points mognoc, you sir are a fool.
When someone runs past you, hold your fire. When someone is standing next to a mag that's about to blow up, don't selfishly fire at it and grab the kill, let them go out blazing, and realise their own stupidity in the explosion.
I bet nobody notices this text.
[Hezzy]: "balallaalalla! blow the heathens up with a large nuclear device"
[Hezzy]: "BOOM"
[Hezzy]: gg
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