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Old 2014-07-06, 02:54 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Personal Apology by Kable

A letter of apology

TL;DR - “Sorry, Miller for acting out the way I did.”

Hello Planetside players, Kable here. For the past 2 years and 100 BRs I've been playing for the NC in the Consortium outfit as an officer. I never had another character on another server or faction so all of the things I'll write about have been a representative of my in-game persona in PS2 since closed Beta.
In this time Ive had a blast playing with the guys on the Miller server and made quite a lot of friends and foes with my loud outbursts in /yell my /whisper and command voice chat as well as proximity. I've slanted people when I thought someone wasn't right and played judge, jury and executioner whenever I felt someone wronged me or my mates either by team-killing and not saying /w sry or blocking vehicles in a tank battle, etc.

I try to give credit where credit is deserved and when I tk and it’s my fault I immediately use /w sry even if that puts me in danger but… But to a lot of the people I was the guy who acted childishly and taunted them and for that I want to apologize.

I will now name the outfits and people that I can think of that I have wronged in some way and even though I might miss someone please consider that I'm going 2 years back of arguments and tk's and such but I still am sorry if I did something to offend you.

WASP - First and foremost I want to say sorry to Dinapuff, whom I called a ****** and eventually ignored after an argument, and Ryzak who tk’d me, then blocked me in a tank fight and flashed me while I was breaching, didn’t say sorry so I blew up his tank… 2 times and after an argument ignored as well. I acted childishly and I'm sorry for that. And to the fellow WASP members, sorry guys for calling you out and having random arguments. You’ve helped a lot in the past and most of you were very honorable. Our outfits had arguments from the very start of beta and I’m sure Ulysees and Bvenged have heard my name a couple of times. Sorry for giving you guys such a hard time.

LYF and 252 - There’s a reason why I’m addressing both of these outfits at the same time and that is because I used the same adjectives to describe them. In the past I’ve called you a bunch of noobs with leaders who think they can lead just because they have mic’s and spent 100 certs for command chat when in fact you guys running your open squads and helping out turned the tides of fights in more than one occasions. Personal apology to CreeperScorpion (you are still wrong about cognitive dissonance - it is the distress caused by two contradictory beliefs, not the refusal to or the inability to perceive new information, and yeah I do have a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science, hopefully I will be in MIT by the same time next year, but I am sorry that I acted out childishly and verbally abused you).

MCY - My behavior in-game and my competitive nature lead me to a few arguments with you guys as well and in the end I’m not too proud of that and I’m sorry.
Sorry, Frankie. We’ve already had a talk before but Id like to say it again that I regret my behaviour a year ago.

Zukhov - Sorry for that one time that I tk’d a full platoon from your guys with c4 after we won a fight at Eisa Southern Camp when they released the new Esamir so many months ago. I also killed 19 more randoms standing by the vehicle pad at that point and I asked a fellow CONZ to throw a res nade on you but he missed resulting in quite the dumb situation. Even though I said I'm sorry in proxy chat it was still a ******-bag move from me. I don’t regret laughing to tears though because you have to admit, when someone tk’s 67 ppl with c4 and his mater misses a res nade on all of them someone is going to laugh themselves off the chair.

INI - Whenever I outplayed any one of you guys I used to show it with a /w cute and I did a lot of those ^^ (I did the same thing with all high-skilled players in-fact to see what they are made of, some responded pretty cool and the hunt/duel was on) trying to taunt you a bit. I always am a good sport if you replied well but if in a certain moment you were frustrated by something IRL and my behaviour was a tipping point for you things escalated quickly. I remember a certain argument with Pella and with FourZero. I did make more friends that way but I’m sorry if I was being obnoxious… And sorry for calling you “pretentious *****” on a few occasions. Besty, FourZy, Dirty and Andy, <3 U! Respect you guys a lot and don’t let hackusations put you down just because people can’t react fast enough (obviously you are not letting that get to you without me saying it ^^ ).

RO and MM - Я не много говорит по рускаму язъйку, но я понимаю что въй говорите. Я сожоляю. У меня очень много респект к вас.

GOON and FU - Ever since the time of yaWn and Adenn I’ve had arguments with the members from these outfits but you guys probably think of me the same as the NC think of the guys I mentioned just now - just a loud-mouth childish troll. Sorry guys if I offended you in any way.

VS - Well oddly enough I don’t have many quarrels with the VS on our server except the occasional banter and “spandex” jokes. At least that I can think of but if I wronged you guys as well I’m sorry.

I want to say sorry to the randoms that I offended in /yell, especially the guys that I’ve had arguments with when I was bored and/or frustrated

And last but not least my fellow CONZ teammates. Thank you guys for putting up with me. It was a great pleasure playing with all of you and I’m deeply sorry for the times I acted out, especially that one night we had training before out first FNO when Karma and me were leading and I used the word “****” about 120 times in the debrief. I want to apologize to the guys that might have left the outfit because of me for any reason as well.

Thank you for reading the long post and if I missed someone I’m sorry that I left you out. My feelings go out to you as well. I'm sorry that I was acting like that.
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Re: Personal Apology by Kable

It's good that you have seen the error of your ways Kable.
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Re: Personal Apology by Kable

Thank you. I actually remember one time on Indar when me, you and a guy from your outfit had an argument and I vaguely remember him pointing out your kd and that you were leading MCY. I don't remember why we had that and what we said to each other but I'm pretty sure it didn't end nice. Glad you read that and you have my personal apology for that case.
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Re: Personal Apology by Kable

"Sorry, Frankie. We’ve already had a talk before but Id like to say it again that I regret my behaviour a year ago."
No need to apologise to her, she is a drama queen and goes to the CS team whenever someone argues with her, looking to get them banned. People like that give girl gamers a bad name, by perpetuating the myth that they're delicate flowers that need 24/7 protection from big bad ascii characters.

All I saw of Kable was an annoyingly effective player.
Might have been a pm or two, I can't recall.

I don't think anyone but pansies take that kind of thing personally, though the TKing is really unnecessary.

It's one thing to talk shite and rage, but that can be laughed off..
Actually messing up their game is weaksauce, so props to you for apologising for that.

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