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EG Equinox
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[TR][Waterson] Savage Outcast Battalion [PS4]

Established in October 2013, the Savage Outcast Battalion was created as a multi-gaming, multi-platform, world wide gaming clan. The Savage Outcast Battalion is designed to be an "open format" gaming clan. Meaning two things:

Decisions for the Clan, such as policies and regulations governing the clan are decided by the "Council" this is made up of Platform Commanders and Franchise Commanders. The Clan overall is designed to be democratic in nature, allowing all members to voice their opinion on issues.
Any member of the Clan, who is a Private First Class or higher in rank is permitted to start their own Team, be it Competitive or Casual in nature. Members can view the Team Creation threads for their "Franchises" in the Platform forums.

Members joining Savage Outcast Battalion will enter the Clan as a Private. They will stay at that rank for a period of 14 days, while "we" evaluate their dedication and loyalty to the Clan. Once the probationary period is over, Privates will be promoted to Private First Class and made "official" members of the Savage Outcast Battalion.

Savage Outcast Battalion is not about the numbers or even a members skill or rank in a game, but the quality of those individuals who join. Above everything else, the Savage Outcast Battalion is a family, and we want our members to feel and act as such.
  • Looking for players who can play as a team and know how to have fun.
  • 16 years and older.
  • Looking for members who are on a near daily basis.
  • We focus highly on communication, so if you don't talk, don't bother to apply.
  • Only interested in dedicated and serious team players who are looking for a long term team.

Play Planetside 2 as it was meant to be played. As a Team! Stop "lone-wolfing" it, stop playing with inexperienced randoms, or folks just out for themselves. Find out what it means, not just to win a game, but dominate it!

Visit the Savage Outcast Battalion Headquarters for more details and to apply for membership.



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EG Equinox
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Re: [TR][Waterson] Savage Outcast Battalion [PS4]

Still recruiting new members!
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EG Equinox
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Re: [TR][Waterson] Savage Outcast Battalion [PS4]

Age limit changed from 18 to 16! Come learn expert tactics and skills at SOB. We're prepared for the PlayStation 4 invasion! Are you!?
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Re: [TR][Waterson] Savage Outcast Battalion [PS4]

How do I join?
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  PlanetSide Universe > Community > Outfit Recruitment > Terran Republic


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