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Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

ES gear isn't all equivalent. Some items are decidedly better than others, in functionality or damage output or even usability. Instead of continuing to have debates like the MCG / JH / Lasher one that we've got going.

Don't spend too much time debating other people's ratings, instead provide your own ratings and

Obviously this is all a matter of personal preference. Here's a few examples:

Deliverer Variants:
#1 - Thunderer - Powerful, only needs 3 to operate, great range and accuracy.
#2 - Raider - Able to reliably hit aircraft, high RoF helps to compensate for rough accuracy-ruining terrain, able to spot and attack more targets, and gives all passengers something to do in transit.
#3 - Aurora - Powerful but poor accuracy, secondary fire can spray an area causing heavy damage, only needs 3 to operate.

#1 - Quasar - Scales walls, great for towers top-floor base objectives, can traverse underwater safely, instant AV mode adds versatility
#2 - Scattercannon - Rapidly kills infantry so new targets can be acquired rapidly, shield helps improve durability
#3 - Dual Cycler - linked dual fire reduces close-range accuracy, bolt-down can be very hazardous

Assault Buggy:
Tied #1 - Thresher - Powerful anti-infantry weapon, fastest AB of the three, hovercraft strafing and floating over water. Exceptional LLU transport (but vulnerable to aircraft).
Tied #1 - Marauder - Reliably hit aircraft (machinegun), able to transport two additional passengers instead of just one, arcing mortar shot gets over walls and cover effectively.
#3 - Enforcer - Powerful straight-firing rockets, only requires 2 to operate, able to do fair damage against distant vehicles

Remember, don't argue and debate too much, instead post your listings. I doubt everyone agrees with me on my ratings, but this isn't about me, its about what everyone thinks of the stuff. Debating is pointless now anyway, nothing is gonna be changed in PS1 any time soon except maybe the monthly subscription will go down.
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