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Old 2015-08-02, 01:45 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Talking 843 Burgezz Elites - PS4 - Genudine

843 Burgezz Elites is recruiting!!

Who are we?
843 is a widely known clan that found it's origins on the Closed Beta for the game 'MAG'. We started off small, our leader Dangaboi brought in members from his neighbourhood (hence our name) and ever since then we've grown into a multi-gaming, multi-platform mega clan. With over 5 games that we actively reside in, our clan has recently, upon launch, shot ourselves into the action packed atmosphere of Destiny both on PS3 AND PS4. Having grown from MAG, we moved up and expanded into such games as: Dust 514, Battlefield 4, the 'COD' series, Clash of Clans, Warframe, Armored Core, Guns of Icarus and many more. We look forward to taking on Planetside as our next home!
Where in Planetside do we operate?

** We started off as the Vanu in the Seahurs US Server and have now also moved across to Genudine US Server as Vanu **
However this is only the start, the seed that is being planted. We hope to quickly expand our operations throughout multiple servers in both US and EU regions, and potentially multiple factions.

Why should you join?
The Burgezz Elites are a group quite frankly unlike any other. I know every gaming clan labels themself as a 'family' but we really take it to a whole new meaning. A strong authoritative chain provides the backbone to a great number of members (spanning over hundreds of active players, thousands overall) that every day take our clan to new levels and greater heights. We have interests in both casual gaming, competitive gaming, and more. You name it, we're already doing it. Alongside all of this, we still remain as humble as we can and stick to the roots of our history with foundations such as our Code of Conduct, and our highly successful and acclaimed website which can be found at www.843.enjin.com
Even if you're not looking to join a clan, I'd recommend checking out our website anyway!

It's worth mentioning, that we have members AND officers online around the clock. Our ranking team alone consists of 5 members that are based in 4 different timezones collectively (I myself am based in England, whilst our leader Danga is based in America, and our General is in Japan!). So with that in mind, you needn't fear ever being alone.

We have no age limit, and we accept members that do not have microphones. HOWEVER, all we ask is that our Code of Conduct is followed, which I promise is not very restricting at all!!!

Points of Contact

Here is a brief list of some of our head players you should contact via PSN if you're interested!

Playstation 4 (PSN Accounts)
- Dangaboi
- QueenB_Baby
- FTwelve
- BKnightmare_95
- Nerfnut96
- Axl-Chibbs

So what are you waiting for? Come find us at www.843.enjin.com and chat with us. There's always someone online!
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Re: 843 Burgezz Elites - PS4 - Genudine

Still recruiting!
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Old 2015-08-03, 03:37 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: 843 Burgezz Elites - PS4 - Genudine

Come and say hi and ask any questions at www.843.enjin.com
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Re: 843 Burgezz Elites - PS4 - Genudine

Hey there!

I am BANE, the Captain of 843. Good to see you guys around. I'm new to these forums, but I hope we can reach some of the best and brightest around on Planetside.

If you have any questions about the clan or what we can do for you, let us know ASAP!

Come on down to our website, www.843.enjin.com and have a chat.
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