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Old 2013-04-14, 07:09 AM   [Ignore Me] #61
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Re: We need your help: This week at 5pm PDT we are having a focus tests on Public Te

i made it on at 3pm est on sat and didnt see many people on at all.the crashes we had in the past few days turned alot of people off.

i think they need to try and test when the online servers go down during a update. this will insure pop ,and optimal testing conditions
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Re: We need your help: This week at 5pm PDT we are having a focus tests on Public Te

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
You wanted it, you got it!

We just scheduled a Noon PST focus play test on the rush lanes for tomorrow (Saturday). That should be prime time for Euros and mid-day for US-east coast.

SG, 666th, TRG, AT, GOTR, everyone get your outfits in on this! Lets get a pop lock on Indar and give these rush lanes a real test!

Just to make clear why the server wasnt full yet:

1. Notice. Dont do "playtest every day" or some crap. Put ONE playtest out, at the weekend, and advertise it like CRAZY, including system in game messages. A lot of folks still dont know about the PTS. People are more likley to appear to something special. Otherwise its just another server with lots of crashes...

2. Stuff. People want to have the toys they are used to have from life. They cant get them on the PTS, as 10000 certs arent enough. As far as i understand, you cant actually give more certs on char creation. So, just do a Double XP, or change some other XP value around to give people crazy amounts. In Planetside, after a playtest, GMs usually flipped bases between factions like crazy. Because of all the friendlys and enemys within the base chilling, we all got loads of XP. Do something like that on PTS and people will come, and stay.

3. Crashes. One of the big problems for everyone who made it to the PTS. I form a squad every playtest, and every time its the same: I loose half or more of the folks due to crashes. That absolutly needs to be avoided. A Crash in PS2 resets whatever you were about to do, and after crashing 5 times within an hour, people usually dont care anymore.

Those are the three big items on the list. Get them right, and you get a full PTS.

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