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Update Notes 8/11 & 8/12

Adversarial Alerts
[Note: these are not final resolutions, they are intended to tweak things a bit to help us get more data and make the alerts function a bit better as we get longer term fixes in]

Launch criteria - Min Faction %: 51% (down from 75%)
Attacker dominating win%: 65% (down from 85%)
Defender win %: 50% (up from 35%)


Nanite cost of MAX units has increased from 350 to 450


Fixed the missing directives for the Crow, Nemesis, Hades, and Hawk launchers in the Tier 4 Launchers directive tree.
Changed the string for the Objectives Directives "Facility Captures" to "Contested Facility Captures" to better reflect that several enemies must be present for the capture to count towards the directive.
Fixed the Sidearms Tier 2 NS-38 Underboss to require the Silver medal instead of the Gold medal.
Added a requirement to the Squad Spawn support ribbon to require the player to be inside a Sunderer or Galaxy in order to receive credit towards the ribbon. This is already a requirement of squad spawning; the ribbon now reflects that.
UI: Multiple unlock display issues resolved
Better notification audio added for ribbons and medals
Removed faction specific callout in Directives help page


Adjusted shields in tutorial to face the proper direction
Updated the first shield to disappear completely when deactivated


Fixed multiple stuck bugs on Indar (special thanks to KleenexTissues for the compiled list)
Base shields will now render out to 1000 meters (same as they used to)


Lock on missiles should be back to their previous functionality
Squad Beacon timer set back to intended refresh
No more Sunderer ejection seat
Deployed Sunderers should no longer move when Cruise Control is used
Eclipse VE3A now has underbarrel shotgun attachment
Map legend should now have icons

Known Issues

VChat still being looked into, has a potential fix in this update but we'll continue to monitor
There is a text/string error on the login page
Tutorial still disabled for new players
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Re: Update Notes 8/11 & 8/12

Update Notes 8/12


Fixed spawn points at Chac Tech Plant putting players underground


The Alert objective information on the Tab screen should now display the correct territory control percentages
Fixed a bug where Alerts wouldn't trigger during peak hours
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