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Old 2003-04-15, 04:05 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
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Originally posted by PR24
It's responses like this that make me wonder if people know the meaning of BETA TESTING

BETA TESTING is NOT a few free months of gaming people. Beta testing is to address balence issues, bugs and stability issues.
It is YOUR JOB as a beta tester to make the DEV team aware of in balence issues and hope they are addressed.

Ignoring a balence issue with th hope that retail releases a over powered weapon to your empire is omronic to say the least.
One could say the same about people like you, that whine when you get blasted in a situation advantageous to another player. Then hide behind the guise of 'Im beta testing, you jerk!' whenever someone gets riled at your inane remarks.

Did you know the phoenix does jack squat in damage to infantry? They are an antiarmor weapon, that is all. If you are losing because you are too dependent upon your MAX units, then use your noggin and switch tactics.

Also, a phoenix user is very much at a disadvantage in an indoor fight. I swipe strikers and lancers when I can when I fight MAXes indoors, because having to stand outside of cover to blast something that is most likely also trying to shoot me is NOT spiffy. Striker/lancer users can quickly duck in and out of cover, much more useful in my opinion.

This is NOT COUNTERSTRIKE. You can NOT expect to charge straight at the enemy, using the same strategy every damn time and expect to win. Use your HEAD. I am a very deadly fighter, not because of my weaponry, not because of my ping, but because on a constant basis I outthing opponents that are honestly most of the time just braindead deathmatchers.

You have a squad of idiots trying to blast infantry with rockets from behind a hill (sure it takes six or so, but if you get enough firing on one target, they can be irritating)? Well then charge out the back, loop around, and own them all from the rear! It is not SOMEONE ELSES responsibility. It is YOUR problem, YOU deal with it!

Try thinking two steps ahead, kid.

If you get your way, and the phoenix gets toned down, then what? You have the NC constantly getting rolled over by other empires armor.

If you get your way, and the gauss rifle gets tone down, then what? You have the NC constantly getting mowed down by cyclers and chaingunners as we try to close to within fighting range.

Every empire has their advantage. USE YOURS. If you engage the opponent on their ground on their terms, you LOSE. I used to whine all the damn time about chaingunners too, but you know what? I got smart. I no longer have a problem with them. Plus I can also loot and use them now

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