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Old 2013-06-21, 11:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
What is a good loadout for a heavy assault vanu?

I am new to vanu and dont know what to get
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Re: What is a good loadout for a heavy assault vanu?

Well, I would suggest maybe a little rouge around the eyes. Maybe a deep red lipstick and a bit of foundation for your face too. OH! And remember to strut! Your wearing spandex into war after all, so you better know how to flaunt it!

.....wait..... What's that thread title say? ....load...ou...OH!! Oh my... I thought you were looking for fashion tips!
Well... I'm NC anyway, so I don't know how much VALID advise I could give you. Though I do recall one, WarpathWrel having a short guide for a specific loadout he uses that he called "Leviathan" you might find interesting...

There you are sir. Have a look. Maybe you'll like it.

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Re: What is a good loadout for a heavy assault vanu?

Utility Slot: Restoration or Medical Kits. There are good arguments for both. Check this Wrel video for further discussion.

LMG: SVA-88 or stick to the Orion for LMG. SVA-88 is more versatile, but the Orion is still a beast in CQC. If you go for the SVA, x1 reflex sight, Compensator, Forward Grip are essential. HVA is optional, although many, among themselves myself, use it. Nevertheless, trial weapons in VR first and then ingame before purchasing.

Rocket Launcher: The default S1 is useful in close range, especially against infantry. Get the Lancer, if you play as part of an organised outfit. Devastating against vehicles when used in a coordinated manner. If you have Certs and/or SC to spare, the Nemesis (G2A rocket launcher) is a good option, as it is a lock-on against air vehicles, and can be dumb-fired against ground vehicles and infantry.

Shield: Resist Shield is hands down better than the default NMG. If you manage to get consistently long kill streaks within a short time, Adrenaline is an excellent choice.

Suit: Nano is a good option, and synergises really well with Resist Shield. Perhaps Grenade Bandollier if you use Concussion Grenades a lot.

Grenades: Concussion Grenades. Stun a room, walk in and mow them down. AV grenades are misleadingly named: they are underwhelming against vehicles, but amazing against MAXes.

Sidearm: Either the Manticore or the Underboss. Give them a trial and see which one suits you the most.

Shotgun (optional): Even after the nerf, the Pandora with Resist Shield or Adrenaline, and used in conjunction with Concussion Grenades is a powerful combination in Towers, Biolabs, and generally when you want to clear a room. Extended Magazine and NV for attachments.

Heavy Weapon (optional): The Lasher is FUUUN! Also, devastating in the right situation, especially in biolabs and against MAXes. But it is a very situational weapon.

You can do also more specialised setups, for instance Resist+Flak+Lasher+Decimator+AV Grenades as a specialised anti-MAX loadout, which is especially useful in biolabs. Adrenaline+Nano+Shotgun+Decimator+Concussion for assaulting the main tower. Eidolon/Ursa+Nano+Resist+Lancer when countering a combined arms push in open field from long range.

Generally, search the Heavy Assault subforum in the official forums. Warning though, the official forums can be somewhat toxic.

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