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New Weapon Mods + Vehicle Weps


I was playing earlier and a few ideas struck me. Nothing major, much of the content is either already in the game or very easy to create. Just wanted to share them.

Weapon Mods


Add a collapsible stock mod for those that do not already have stocks. Pros would be reduced recoil, cons could be reduced hipfire accuracy or speed due to the extra bulk.


First, add a choke as a barrel option, or maybe ammo. The effect would be a tighter spread. Pros are increased effectiveness at range, the con would be less chance of hitting due to reduced spread.

Second, as shotguns are commonly used up close, introduce a melee weapon mod. This one would be much harder to implement I think. Just something simple like a bayonet, with increased damage over the standard melee attack but reduced mobility.

Sniper Rifles:

A new ammo option: Anti-material ammo. Increased recoil, noise and reduced capacity, but the ability to heavily damage light armour and MAX units, and to damage heavy armour.


Nothing major here, just a sight option over and above iron sights.

Vehicle Weapons

It struck me very early on when I first started playing PS2 that there wasn't actually a lot of variation between the three empires when it came to vehicles. Yes there are ESFs and unique heavy tanks, but the rest is fairly standard. So I propose some unique weaponry for various vehicles.


Add a new empire specific weapon, which is a total representation of that factions strengths, and weaknesses.

Terran Republic: Some form of autocannon. Maybe a rotary cannon. Much lower projectile damage than even the standard Viper, but less drop and a much higher ammo capacity. Think along the lines of the AI MAX weaponry.

New Conglomerate: I was torn with this one. My first thought was a shotgun like the Mustang AH on the Reaver. But unless that could also be made to damage armour it wouldn't be much use. So my second thought was a sort of old school cannon. Shorter barrel, much bigger bore, and a much bigger projectile. Travels slowly and has a short range, but a huge splash radius.

Vanu Sovereignty: Here I was once again torn. Either a scaled up and more powerful Saron style weapon, or a Lancer style weapon.


Nothing major here, just the ability to use the faction specific weapons that can already be used on the Harrasser.

VS: Saron and Proton
TR: Vulcan and Marauder
NC: Both Enforcers


A new belly mounter heavy weapon for each faction, once again a combination of strength and weaknesses.

VS: A Lancer styler weapon, but with splash damage: Pros being immediate impact, cons being reduced damage over standard weapons.
TR: A twin-mounter rotary cannon, firing low damage rounds at a blinding rate of fire. Think a scaled up Shredder with reduced damage.
NC: A twin mounted shotgun of some description. You can probably tell I don't play NC...

As I say these are just some ideas that I wanted to get out there. Thanks for going through them if you did, and I'd appreciate your comments if you have any.
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