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Old 2013-06-05, 09:49 AM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Re: SCU Shield generators coming back to biolabs next update

They already introduced tunnels for defender fast transport for the horriibly placed spawn rooms/scu, why not take the opportunity to modify those and put the scu gen and spawn room in those tunnels beneath ground, for tight quarters infantry fighting.

Outside generators take down the shield to get into the main facility. Inside the main facility introduce a couple access points for attackers to enter these tunnels, to first take out the scu shield gen and then eventually it comes down to a last room hold for the scu gen itself. Still keep the fast transport option from the spawn room to outer areas.

Edit: They could have some fun with this and incorporate underground courtyards, multi-tiered areas and environments to add some flavor to it with each facility having its own particular feel, which could also differ based on the continent your on.

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Re: SCU Shield generators coming back to biolabs next update

The bases in this game still miss a clear order of objectives and choke points. Currently it's just random chaos.

Take PS1 Interlinks. There were clearly differentiable phases that the combat had to undergo when numbers were reasonably balanced:
- Conquering Lobby
- Conquering Stairs
- Conquering Spawn level
- Conquering Generator/CC level
- Killing spawns or Gen

(at any time meanwhile a cloaker might have succeeded at a succesful telepad placement that could end/shift it quickly. No such option in PS2 but that's a different story, albeit just as sad)

In Ps2 this is mostly random. Attackers need not overcome the stream of spawning defenders, because those are simply spawning at places totally unrelated to the objectives. In Ps1 you couldn't miss the attackers on your way out of the base. That's how it needs to be here as well.

In any case the attackers need a way to overpower and shut down the spawns. But NOT using vehicles. This is something that can not be simulated by any generator placement or timing mechanics, untill th bases are actually redesigned. As in, walls and spawn tubes and/or control points shifted in space.
"Auxiliary spawns" in random amp stations is a step in the general not-so-bad direction. More of such changes are needed.
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