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[TR] Miller - MoX


Malevolents of Xibalba

MoX are looking for loyal soldiers to join them in the fight to restore law and order to Auraxis by defeating the terrorists of the New Conglomerate and the xenophiles of the Vanu Sovereignty. We are currently actively recruiting members, and are looking to increase our active numbers to platoon level.

Our roll.

We are primarily a Spec-Ops outfit but we also roll armour and air support when required, and teamwork is our highest priority. We work behind the scenes re-securing facilities and dropping in behind enemy lines to take out strategic targets, or preparing the way for the main TR force. We are not glory hunters, and most of the time go unnoticed by our comrades in arms, but you know that base you just rolled into with your 2 platoons, to find all the generators down and little resistance? MoX were there.

What we require from you:
  • Be a team player, no lone wolves here
  • You must be at least Battle Rank 10 or above.
  • Teamspeak 3 installed for voice coms, a mic is advised but not essential.
  • 18 years of age or over.
  • Listen and obey orders from the chain of command, even if you disagree with them.
  • Work as a unit. We fight together and we die together, MoX for life!

What we can offer you:
  • A friendly and mature outfit to enjoy playing along side, with a good sense of humour
  • Strategic game play, not just zerging to the next hex.
  • A vast amount of experience to draw on for advice on tactics and rolls.
  • The opportunity to work with and in support of the TR Alliance on Miller
About MoX as a guild.

MoX have a long gaming history dating back to Ultima Online, on through DAoC, WoW and who can forget the original Planetside where we fought on the Werner server. We have a large and active forum community on our own private server, with members from all over Europe and some from some far away places that few have heard of like Australia and America. We use english as our primary language for comunication due to so many different nationalities in the guild.

We are proud of our outfit and its history and so we take the game seriously and expect orders to be listened to, but we are a friendly bunch and we also make sure we have fun at the same time. We have weekly training nights, and weekly operations where we expect everyone to try to be available and turn up. That said we all know that real life comes first so no one will be removed for not turning up, but you must at least be active in game.

Anyone is eligible to join MoX as we place no restrictions other than minimum age and Battle Rank. We are not elitist in anyway and our experienced members are always willing to help newer members, and answer even the most stupid questions... at least once anyway! We place teamwork and fair play above all else and we always strive to work as a unit. Anyone proven to be cheating will be immediately removed from the in game outfit and MoX as a guild permanently.

If you are interested in joining MoX, or learning more about us, visit our forums @ www.moxguild.com or contact Archy, PirateCat or Fallen in game.

Hope to see you on the fields of Auraxis soon.

'Loyalty Beyond Death'


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Re: [TR] Miller - MoX


Recruitment is still open
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Re: [TR] Miller - MoX

Haven't visit these forums for a while.

MoX have a strong core of players now and we are looking to increase that number, so we are recruiting again.

Visit our website at www.moxguild.com or send a tell ingame.
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