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Smile Wrel post and a little Nostalgia

Good post Wrel.
My post is to further educate on Wrel's behalf, and the rest of the Planetside2 community.

[DISCLAIMER: I graduated with a C in English back in HS 2004. Forgive me if my grammar and choice of words aren't perfect. Constructive Criticism welcomed, i can always make corrections.]

Learn about the game, it's history, culture, and the purpose of all things within the game before establishing an ignorant and bias opinion that holds no ground within the premise of the game. P.S. Including your emotions in a non-emotional topic adds potential failure to a potentially correct post. [TLR /end]

I, a legit Planetside1 player (7+ years), will tell you how the 1st game was played over the decade+ that it was enjoyed by thousands of players. You may apply how the 1st game was played (through my POV) and apply your knowledge/experience from Planetside2.

If you have not played the 1st game over the years, then you will not truely understand how Planetside (an MMO-FPS series, only game of it's kind) has been structured to be played. Significant difference between the 1st and 2nd game is the gameplay-style adopted by infamous modern-day FPSs, while using the format of the 1st game.

During the beginning of Planetside, how everyone is playing now is equivlantly as poorly as everyone that played it back then. As the years progressed, players/outfits eventually decided to improve (as a community) as opposed to complaining, because balance adjustments were being executed consistently over the years [Thx SOE]. Rational and productive thinking lead to players (using TS/Ventrilo, in-game macros, in-game chat) communicating more frequently. Finally, after a few years, outfits (all factions) were colaborating and assisting each other with the same goal we've all desired to achieve... (our legit META-game) Global Domination.

If you have read the lore/history of Planetside, you would know that this has always been the objective. But, it took everyone a few years to get that into our brains as a community. [Rude DISCLAIMER: All i gotta say is, if you think you're rambo and forgot you're on a team, plz uninstall asap]

After players ceased their pointless desires to improve their individual stats for the sake of e-penis, players comfortably adopted changing their individual stats to outfit reliability (as their e-penis). People would attain their honor by being a valuable asset in their outfit and gain respect and reputation through their actions and success (like it is in the real world).

Now... this is how it was played, and should be played (by example).

[PS2 DISCLAIMER: the game isn't complete, don't bash yourselves for not having a solid perspective of the game. But, what you can do to better our community and yourselves is to improve your participation quality with your outfit/faction/community to a more team-work oriented playstyle... so that when the game IS complete, you can skeetskeetskeet all over how fun the game is]

Let me recall a day when i realized how casual 2v1'ing a faction was acceptable in Planetside1. Granted, in Planetside2, people complain about it all the time. [Why waste energy complaining, when you can use that fustration... that energy... to improve.] k, so i spawn at the Sanctuary as usual (Home Continent for my faction), check the map and see that TR dominated approximately 70% of the entire world. I automatically thought... "um, where does my faction need me?" Automatically, i check in with my outfit while looking for "Orders" by the CR5s (Command Rank 5, highest commanding rank). Once I know where I am needed, i head there and with my skill-set (my specific certs/attributes/qualities/playstyle). I ended up participating in aiding in an infiltrator squad (scout/intel/sabatour) that went behind enemy lines to kamikaze and lower enemy numbers and destroy spawn tubes so that my allies would have an easier time pushing the front lines knowing that the enemy faction didn't have much to back themselves up with cuz i'm reking them in the arse. Basically, causing chaos for the enemy faction in the enemy base.

[Nostaglia Paragraph, irrelevant]
In Planetside1, we weren't able to cert into EVERYTHING like you can in Planetside2. We could only cert into a limited amount of abilities/attributes and that's all we could do for 24-48 hours until we decided to redo our certs... if it was even necessary to redo your certs, which it wasn't normally a good idea cuz then your outfit commanders wouldn't know what skill-set you had, altogether making it a slow inconsistent process to figure out wth you're good for... unless you posted it on the outfit website notifying the outfit ahead of time.[NP,I /end]

I think at the time, i had... rotation order was typically..

(1) Infiltrator - (2) MAX - then (3) Heavy

REK/EMP grenade/Boomer
Adv hacking (!Sneak in and sabotage as a squad)

Scattercannon (!CHAOS)

(3)Heavy Exosuit
REK/Med Applicator/Repair Kit/Noobhammer/Medkits/2x Box of Ammo (!because we camped the spawn room making certain the spawn tubes were down)
Adv Hack, Adv Medical* & Combat Engi (!Become a virus within enemy lines, grow, and eventually scatter their decreasing numbers)

The other squad members would remain as MAXes to protect me and the other adv meds. My rendezvous point was their medical terminal downstairs below the spawn room.

From there the enemy would be basically getting DP-trained assuming my squad was successful and TR didn't catch onto our plan. If you don't do it right the 1st time, maybe even 2nd time... then don't bother doing the same strategy, because you can assume they've picked up on your plan.

Right now, some of you are like... "Wtf, far too technical! WHERE'S THE TLR?!"
For that reason, you are holding yourself back in Improving to your potential. "But, i'm a causal!" k, then plz go back to COD or BF4 where your services are redundant as you'd like to be, no offense but its true. A casual player is fine, but a casual understanding of a in-dept game like Planetside will only hurt your experience altogether. You can either enjoy the game, or complain.

That's basically the point we're (me and Wrel) trying to make here.

... and i didn't even explain what VS was doing to help us!


PS1 - Azim, Emerald Server
PS2 - 1337Mode, Emerald Server.

Personal reason for making this post:
3rd Shift, Night off, Nostaglia, Improving our community.

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