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Infantry Armour and Weaponry Overhaul

Below you can see details of changes I see for both infantry armour and their weapons, which I believe will make the game more balanced and interesting. In the armour section you can see that I have made standard armour have a use and altered agile armour to make it much more interesting to use and give it a tactical purpose other than being used by vehicle drivers.

In the weaponry section you can see I have broken up the different types into groups, which can simply be purchased in bulk for a slight discount or bought separately to conserve certification points if the player does not want them all.

There are a number of issues with this system, which would require extensive balancing and the addition of new weapons, as this system highlights where empires are already lacking in various weapon types.

This system is tied into my vehicle hard point system which I posted a few months ago on these forums.

Infantry Armour

Vehicle Suit (Old Standard)
Suit designed for vehicle use, giving the user flexibility with a bare minimum of armour. Only suit allowing the user to pilot or drive vehicles.
1 3x3 Pistol slot
1 3x6 Carbine slot

2 3x3 Pistol slots

Agile armour
Designed for fast assault using jump jets allowing users to bound over terrain and defences. Altered so that Agile troops must rely on speed to surprise their enemies, rather than powerful weapons.
2 3x3 Pistol slots
1 3x6 Carbine slot (instead of 3x9)

Reinforced Exo Suit
Altered so that the user cannot carry two heavy weapons, and must carry a lighter weapon in addition to a heavy weapon.
2 3x3 Pistol slots
1 3x6 Carbine slot
1 3x9 Rifle slot (Light hard point)

MAX Armour
MAX units take damage like infantry, adjust Decimator to kill all infantry including MAXs in 3 hits, empire specific AV stays the same kill rate on MAX units, and less time on infantry.
1 5x9 Medium hard point (TR: 2 3x9 Light hard points)

Infantry Weapons
Standard (Free)
Small Arms
  • CP: AMP (3x3)
  • TR: Repeater (3x3), Stinger (3x3)
  • NC: Mag Scatter (3x3), Spear (3x3)
  • VS: Beamer (3x3), Eraser (3x3)
  • CP: Punisher (3x9)
  • TR: Cycler (3x9)
  • NC: Gauss (3x9)
  • VS: Pulsar (3x9)

Assault (5 points for all)

SMGs (2 points)
  • CP: Suppressor (3x6)
  • TR:
  • NC:
  • VS:
Shotguns (2 points)
  • CP: Sweeper (3x6) (shortened)
  • TR:
  • NC: Jackhammer (3x9), Scatter cannon (5x9)
  • VS: Lasher (3x9) (altered)
Flamethrowers (2 points)
  • CP: Dragon (3x9)
  • TR:
  • NC:
  • VS:

Support (3 points for all)
Machine Guns (2 points)
  • CP: 12mm Rotary Machine gun (3x9), 20mm Cannon (3x9), 25mm Machine Gun (3x9), 35mm cannon (5x9) (too many guns, merge 20/25mm?)
  • TR: 15mm Rotary Chain gun (3x9) (MCG and Rotary Chain Gun merged)
  • NC: Anti Tank Machine-gun (3x9)
  • VS: Quasar(3x9), Flux Cannon(3x9), PPA(5x9)
Grenade Launchers (2 points)
  • CP: Rocklet Rifle (3x6), Thumper (3x6), Scorpion (3x9)
  • TR: Pounder Mortar Launcher (3x9)(removed from CP Galaxy Gunship)
  • NC:
  • VS: Flux Pod Launcher (3x9)

Marksman (3 points)
  • CP: Scout Rifle (3x6) (shortened), Bolt Driver (3x9)
  • TR:
  • NC:
  • VS: Continuous Laser (3x9)(made near invisible)

Anti Vehicle (3 points for all)
Anti Armour (2 points)
  • CP: Hellfire Rocket Launcher (3x6), Decimator (3x9)
  • TR: Striker (3x9)
  • NC: Phoenix (3x9), Falcon (5x9)
  • VS: Lancer (3x9), Comet (5x9)
Anti Air (2 points)
  • CP: Flaklet Rifle (3x6), AA Missile Launcher (3x9) (previously on wasp)
  • TR: Burster Flak Cannon (3x9) (removed from Skyguard)
  • NC: Sparrow (5x9)
  • VS: Starfire (5x9)

NTU Siphon (3x9) (everyone?)
Armour Siphon (3x9) (engineering)

I have adjusted many weapons to make them fit into this new scheme, and many of them would require changes to make them work in that size class.

SMGs would be very effective at short range, able to deliver a large amount of damage very quickly. However they would be inaccurate at mid to long range.

Machine Guns must be deployed to fire which takes a few seconds and locks the player in that position unless they drop the weapon or undeploy it.

Upgrades (2 points)
These upgrades could be applied to weapons that fire standard caliber projectiles only.
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended clip
  • Grenade launcher/shotgun attachment
  • Bayonet
  • Bipod

New Weapons
You will notice that there are gaps in various sections, either totally missing empire specific weapons for all, or one type of weapon missing for one or two empires. Currently this gives the empires different specialities and play styles, however these could be filled with new weapons in these particular places:
  • Empire specific sub machine guns (3x6)
  • TR Shotgun (3x9)
  • Empire specific Flamethrowers (3x9)
  • NC Grenade Launcher (3x9)
  • TR/NC Sniper rifles (3x9)

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