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Old 2004-06-07, 02:56 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Another annoying PCer

Do PC nuts ever shut the hell up?
Take what you can! Give nothing back!
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Old 2004-06-07, 03:05 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
Second Lieutenant
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temporarily unavaliable
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Old 2004-06-07, 03:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Sergeant Major

In theory I agree with the guy - BUT - I have never played the game so I don't know if that is a small part of the game or not.

However, I am surprised that it is well written without the normal idiotic flaming typos and other assorted shit like that.
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Old 2004-06-07, 04:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
Major General
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The CoH city is soooo slooooow.

All nazi's must be smashed, blown up, blasted, sliced, or other things.

The germans are more critical of their nazi past then we are of them. Some of them more then others. The game's backstory is that as a part of WW2, nazi's got a bunch of super tech, and then the heros stopped them.

They arnt going to change it, and I think that the guy is kinda over reacting, expecially since the post after that one says that he is german and dosent see a problem with it.

The game never links the nazi's to germany directly. Plus it says something along the lines of evil super futurist nazis.

Those bastard nebel fist's hurt. Who knew that nazis were good at karate?

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Old 2004-06-07, 04:35 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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I can see where the guy is coming from and agree with him to an extent. It annoys me greatly how so many people seem to use nazi and german interchangably, especially when refering to WWII era events. However, CoH is a superhero game and killing nazis is one of the staples of superheros, so i don't see how he wouldn't have seen this coming.
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Old 2004-06-07, 05:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
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access denied. But from what I can tell from you guys, he complaining that the nazis were a racists styerotype of Germans. Correct?
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